My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sarasota: Miniature Dachshund Puppy Tortured to Death by Stacy Sean Glover he Choked Out Wife in Prior Incident, This is Serial Killer 101.

Acts of cruelty to animals are not mere indications of a minor personality flaw in the abuser (Stacy Sean Glover); they are symptomatic of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans (Stacy Sean Glover also strangled his wife until she passed out from the physical abuse). “Murderers-Serial Killers" ... very often start out by killing and torturing animals,” says Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Sociopath: Many serial killers kill to control others’ lives, small animals are the only lives they have the power to control. Cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer would bike around the woods as a child, collecting dead animals to dissect. Dahmer even killed and dismembered his own puppy.

SARASOTA FL: The story of a sweet, tiny pup named Athena has gone worldwide. The precious miniature dachshund died a horrible death, spending her final moments, sadly, in fear and pain. Athena's heartbreaking murder was captured on surveillance video. A man dog sitting Athena is seen on camera, deputies say, punching the 12-pound puppy repeatedly. Stacy Sean Glover was supposed to be caring for the pup, but is instead accused of a savage crime – beating Athena to death.

 At the beginning of the video, Glover can also be seen, detectives tell us, throwing the puppy out the door. Athena then desperately runs for cover, trying to hide anywhere she can. But, she is found and grabbed quickly, then beaten over and over again. The man in the video then picks up Athena by the neck as the helpless pup's lifeless body dangles from the killer's fierce grip.

News Channel 8 was at the Sarasota County courthouse Friday morning as supporters of Athena showed up for a court hearing. Glover's attorney entered a not-guilty plea on behalf of her client, who was not present. Those supporting the puppy and her owner, Jessie Anderson, wore pink shirts in honor of Athena. People were heartbroken, knowing how the tiny dog suffered. Info from Public Records of Sarasota County Sheriff Dept: Stacy Glover, DOB 07/05/90, last known address 1721 Bayshore Road, Nokomis Fl, was arrested August 27th, 2014 on four felony counts of Aggravated Cruelty to an Animal and one felony count of Tampering with Evidence, see 

One supporter, Mary Merkel, cried after the court proceeding. “It's horrible, the behavior of that man is despicable and shouldn't be tolerated in any form.” She added, “It's important that everybody see this face (Stacy Sean Glover). And everyone understand horrific nature." Glover has a criminal past and was arrested earlier this year. Cops say he strangled his wife until she passed out from the physical abuse.

The arrest report said on Tuesday, Jan. 21st, 2014, at about 8:30 p.m., Stacy Glover and his victim, Alivia Glover got into a verbal argument at a residence located at 8254 Longbay Blvd., in South Manatee County. The argument turned physical when Stacy threw Alivia onto a bed. As Alivia reached to defend herself, Stacy pushed her against the bed and choked her from behind until she could not breathe. Alivia called law enforcement and Stacy left the residence. He then returned to the scene and was arrested. He was charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation. He was released from the Manatee County Jail on his own recognizance, supervised.

Jeffrey Dahmer, himself murdered in prison in 1994, killed and in some cases cannibalized at least 17 people in the Midwest. As a boy, he had strangled neighborhood cats and dogs, nailed frogs to trees, cut open live fish to see their insides and had been avidly fascinated by both in-school dissections and after-school "road kill" dissections.  The horrible specifics vary. But a rogues' gallery of other infamous serial killers, from David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz to Charles "Helter Skelter" Manson to Henry Lee Lucas, generally have comparable biographies with respect to the animal abuse-human violence connection. The bizarre school shootings between 1997 and 1999 -- in Pearl, Miss., West Paducah, Ky., Jonesboro, Ark., Springfield, Ore., Littleton, Colo., and Conyers, Ga. -- also fit into a similar mold. Previous to their headline-grabbing gunfire, the boys involved had, variously, boasted about shooting dogs with a .22-caliber rifle, throwing a cat into a bonfire, torturing a dog to death and blowing up a cow, squirrels and cats, among other outrages.  For decades, law-enforcement officers and psychiatrists have noted a consistent pattern: Violent criminals "start out" by tormenting, maiming and killing companion animals, wild animals or farm animals. As FBI Special Agent Alan Brantly testified to a House panel in May 1998, "Some offenders kill animals as a rehearsal for targeting human victims and may kill or torture animals because, to them, the animals symbolically represent people."

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