Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Witness Says She Saw Kidnapped Holly Bobo Tied Up in a Video and Forced to Have Sex With 'Degenarate TN Hillbilly' Zach Adams.

The horrific story about the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo has become even more graphic and disturbing with the revelation that a witness says she saw kidnapped Holly Bobo tied up in a Cell Phone Video and forced to have sex with 'Degenarate TN Hillbilly' Zach Adams. Just how low have these depraved Holladay TN white trash thugs sunk to in the treatment of the captive Holly Bobo?

THE TENNESSEAN, LEXINGTON -- Sandra King said a good friend of hers, Jeffrey Pearcy, stayed with her for about six weeks over the summer and that around mid-May this year, Pearcy showed her a video of Holly Bobo tied up and crying. Pearcy has been charged with accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence in the Bobo case. The state has alleged that Pearcy has knowledge of a video containing information about the case and that he hasn't turned it over to investigators, SEE
Jeffrey Pearcy, (photo Jeffrey Pearcy on L. Mark Pearcy on R. above) and his attorney, Olin Baker told The Jackson Sun a couple of weeks ago that he believed the charges against Pearcy were going to be dropped due lack of evidence. However, after a preliminary hearing in Henderson County General Sessions Court today, which included testimony from King and a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation special agent, the judge ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury, SEE
a-team gang
From March to the end of May, King said, Pearcy and his two sons lived with her in Henderson County so his sons could finish school. King said that sometime in mid-May of this year Jeffrey Pearcy showed her part of the alleged video. She said Pearcy told her that Zachary Adams sexually assaulted Bobo in the recording. Adams has been charged with the murder and kidnapping of Bobo, who disappeared from her Decatur County home in April 2011. Adams has been held without bond since he was indicted in March. "He (Jeffrey Pearcy) told me that Mark (Pearcy) had video of Zach (Adams) having sex with Holly Bobo," King testified. Jason Autry has been charged with the aggravated kidnapping and felony first-degree murder of Bobo along with Zach Adams SEE

Degenerate Hillbilly A-Team Gang of Zach Adams Jason Autry And Shayne Austin Kidnapped and Murdered Holly Bobo in Darden TN Are There Other Victims? “There were names given by Danielle Darnelle in a post about two years back. She named Jason Autry, Zach Adams and Shayne Austin as the ones who kidnapped Holly Bobo
, the A-Team. From what I’ve seen these names have been consistent with the ones bragging locally about what they did to her.” This story has a very dark side, this was not a kidnapping for ransom, Holly Bobo was the target of the A-Team Gang for their sexual gratification, they raped her. Jason Autry went to prison in November 2013 given a 15 year to Life sentence. Shayne Austin and Zach Adams went to Riverside High School in Parsons TN together. 

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