My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Unsolved Karen Swift Murder a Tale of Sex, Lies and Missing Video Tapes.

I have been hired to look into the unsolved murder of Karen Swift that occurred 4 years ago and counting, did you get that, 4 years ago. CNN HLN has profiled the unsolved murder of Karen Swift on Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace numerous times and I have been on the panel discussing the case three times since November 2011, see link CLICK HERE. First let me tell you that I plan on using my connections with the National media to focus a burning hot spotlight on those people responsible for introducing Karen Swift to her new 'lifestyle' that most likely led to her murder on October 30th, 2011.
Look at whoever broke into The Farms Golf Club & Country Club in Dyersburg in the early AM on Tuesday November 1st 2011 as linked to the murder of Karen Swift. Someone broke into The Farms Golf Club & Country Club in Dyersburg Tennessee and stole some golf clubs, the video recording equipment, surveillance tapes and some of the surveillance cameras, who has the Alarm Contract with the The Farms Golf Club & Country Club in Dyersburg Tennessee. The break-in was reported to the Dyersburg County Sheriff on Wednesday November 2nd, 2011, three days after Karen Swift was murdered. Information from my sources indicates there was a break in at The Farms Golf Club & Country Club in Dyersburg Tennessee on Tuesday November 1st, 2011 and the burglars stole the surveillance cameras, tapes, discs, all the recording devices and a few golf clubs, the purpose of the break in at the The Farms Golf Club & Country Club in Dyersburg Tennessee was to steal the surveillance equipment, what the hell?
Karen Swift Unsolved Murder and Secret Credit Cards in Dyersburg TN Baffles Everyone, Except Me. The Case So Far: By September 2011 in Dyer County Court, lawsuits were being filed by 4 different bank credit card companies issued in the name of Karen S. Swift (her name only) for a total of $7,200, all 4 credit cards had been charged off by the banks. Early A.M. Sunday October 30th, 2011, a pair of jeans and a grey zip-up top were found by the side of the road close to where Karen Swift's car was found abandoned a quarter of a mile from her home in Dyersburg, TN, her 'cat woman' costume was found in the car, was she sexually assaulted, what DNA was found, why were her clothes found all over the place by her abandoned SUV, why was her nude body found 42 days later in December, in the
I have extensive experience in working with the media to help investigate unsolved murders, see story from last night at WKYT CBS TV VIDEO: Private investigator Bill Warner says Kentucky missing women may be related to other cases nationwide. I first broke the story of Texas honor killer Yaser Said hiding in New York City back in May of 2012, see Texas 'honor killing' suspect Yaser Said could be hiding in plain sight as NYC cabbie, private investigator says, now 18 months later in December 2014 the FBI office in New York City has joined the hunt for Yaser Said and is posting billboards in Times Square NY and offering a $20,000 reward, see story CLICK HERE and see Fox News NY video CLICK HERE"Y'all ain't gonna like me in Dyersburg TN."
KAREN SWIFT CAUSE OF DEATH- INJURIES TO HER BODY: Last Update 09/02/2012-Official Press Release -Dyer County Sheriff’s Office Swift Murder Investigation. As per Sheriff Box, Dyer County TN investigators observed injuries the body of Karen Swift sustained that appeared to have caused her death. An autopsy was performed on Karen Swift’s body by the Shelby County Medical Examiner’s Office in Memphis, the results of the autopsy was sealed under a court order for certain reasons and that the case is still under investigation. Early in the investigation we recovered Karen Swift’s cell phones after they were processed by lab personnel for latents and dna, we then requested the assistance of United States Secret Service in retrieving and processing information from her cell phones used to pinpoint the times and her movements at the time of  her disappearance. “This processing with the Secret Service may provide highly detailed data, which may include the time of every movement that was made before, during and after her murder.” So, if the cause of death for Karen Swift was injuries to her body where is the blood spatter in the house or her car, none was found by TBI forensic agents. Multiple injuries to the body of Karen Swift would cause blood spatter. If blood spatter belonging to Karen Swift was found in the house the husband would be on trial right now.
Attorney Steve Farese talks about Karen Swift murder case: "I don't want to speak badly about Karen," said attorney Steve Farese. "But were some things going on that were quite unusual, and there could be more than one suspect."

Back on November 10, 2011 A Distraught: Cathy Bona, a friend of the missing 44-year-old Karen Swift, said her friends didn't know what to believe about her disappearance. Cathy Bona, said: You hear so many different things on a day-to-day basis about what's found that you don't know what to believe until you officially hear it.' Friends of the woman have come forward, saying they suspect foul play because Mrs Swift would never voluntarily leave her family.
In any police investigation of a murder or even a missing person case, the cops always want to know who was the last person the victim had contact with and were there any surveillance tapes of recent activity, if she was at home who did she talk to, if she had gone out for the night, a night of dancing and drinking like at the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party then who was she with. It surely was not her husband who was back at their home, so who was she with, did she get into any altercations with anyone inside or outside of the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party, where are the surveillance tapes?????

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