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Serial Sex Predator Terry C. Speaks Had Been On The Run From Jan 2009 to June 2012 He Criss-Crossed USA From Mount Airy NC to San Diego CA.


Serial Killer: Evidence in the murder of a Bourbon Street dancer Jaren Lockhart was moved to FBI headquarters in Quantico, VA last year according to a Hancock County official, while there are no suspects currently being held in the death of stripper Jaren Lockhart who was a small petite blond standing 5' 2" tall and about 120 lbs. Jaren Lockhart disappeared on Tuesday June 5th, 2012, The last known images showed Jaren Lockhart leaving a men's club in the French Quarter. Days after her disappearance, her remains washed ashore on beaches in Hancock County, Miss.

In May of 2013 Mississippi investigators met with FBI agents in the Jaren Lockhart case, her photo above, the FBI says it has a backlog of cases nationwide, (serial Killer?). Chief Deputy Don Bass told WDSU that the meeting discussed evidence in the case. Bass said the Sheriff's Office wants to expedite the processing of evidence submitted to the FBI. Last year, federal investigators removed bags of evidence from the Kenner home of the couple named as suspects in the crime – Margaret Sanchez and Terry Speaks. Neither were ever charged in connection with Lockhart’s death and dismemberment.

Terry Speaks and Margaret Sanchez were last seen leaving with Jaren Lockhart on the night of her disappearance in surveillance video. Days after the surveillance video was released by investigators, Sanchez and Speaks were arrested in Tangipahoa Parish on a traffic stop. Speaks, a convicted sex offender, was eventually extradited and taken to a Federal New York prison where he is serving time for violations related to his prior conviction and not the Lockhart case. Sanchez was released. Sheriff Bass said an FBI representative told the sheriff's office there was a "backlog of cases" nationwide, but that agents understood the urgency of the situation. Speaks is expected to be released from the Federal New York facility on or about October 7th, 2014, see link CLICK HERE.

Terry C Speaks

Terry Christopher Speaks, DOB 9/19/1972,, is a sex predator, had been on the run for over two 1/2 years, he has criss-crossed the USA and has been known to be in North Carolina, New York, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, San Diego, Calif and a New Orleans strip club. The US Marshals have been after him since January 2010 because he is felony probation violator and because he did not register as a sex offender in Mount Airy NC. Terry Christopher Speaks Last Known Address FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS. Terry Christopher Speaks is in the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) at Otisville NY, it is a medium security facility housing male offenders. FCI Otisville is situated in the southeastern part of New York state, near the Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and 70 miles northwest of New York City.

Serial Predator Terry Speaks Linked to Murder of Petite Blonde Stripper Jaren Lockhart in New Orleans, Terry Speaks Was on The Run Nationwide For Over 2 Years.  Terry Speaks was put on probation in January 2010 for a felony sex offender residence violation, NC Department of Corrections officials said. Speaks was required to register as a sex offender after being convicted in Surry County of indecent liberties with a minor in 2003. He also spent three months in prison. Terry Speaks’ criminal record in North Carolina dates back to 1995. Surry County deputies couldn’t find Speaks for nearly a year until he was found in San Diego, Calif., in February 2006. Speaks was charged with failure to register as a sex offender, a probation violation and fraud and was in prison until January 2009, department of corrections officials said.  Serial Predator Terry Speaks was roaming the USA from January 2009 until his arrest in June of 2012.

Serial Sex Predator Terry C. Speaks Had Been On The Run From Jan 2009 to June 2012 He Criss-Crossed USA From Mount Airy NC to San Diego CA. Who is responsible for multiple white, very pretty, petite look-a-like females with long blond hair who have been listed as missing, kidnapped or unfortunately murdered over the last few years?

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