Monday, November 18, 2013

Few Details Yet on Human Skull and Bones Found Near R/R Tracks in Fayetteville NC Where Kelli Bordeaux Went Missing.


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - News conference Wednesday, 11/13/2013, Fayetteville Police said they have very little information about human remains found on Tuesday. Assistant Chief Charles Kimble explained a man walking along a railroad track found the skeletal remains Tuesday afternoon in the area of Winslow Street and Southern Avenue. The remains appeared to human he said. Kimble said the remains were sent to the North Carolina Medical Examiner's Office. "It's too early at this point to tell. Of course we have to let science kick in," Kimble said. "We can't tell the sex. We can't tell the race. When asked specifically about if the remains could be those of Kelli Bordeaux, Kimble said there was no way to tell. Bordeaux has been missing since May 2012 and has been declared dead by the Army. Officers found a skull, some teeth and other human bones. When the search of the area resumed around 7 a.m. Wednesday, investigators found more bones than were originally collected Tuesday. The additional bones were also sent to the medical examiner, Kimble said. He explained there was no clothing found and not enough evidence to speculate about whether the person died there or was dragged there.

The location where the skull and bones where found, near Winslow Street and Southern Avenue, is at the far end of Route 401 or what is most commonly known as Ramsey Street see map CLICK HERE. It is a straight shot from where the Froggy Bottoms bar was loacted at 6326 Ramsey Street, and where Kelli bordeauz was last seen, to the location where the skull and bones are found, 10 miles and 22 minutes by vehicle.

Kelli Bordeaux, 23, was last seen early Saturday morning leaving Froggy Bottoms bar 6326 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, N.C. The private first class, who is stationed at nearby Fort Bragg, was reported missing on Monday by base officials, police said. The Froggy Bottoms bar at 6326 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, N.C. is right next to the on-ramp entrance to Interstate I-295 which feeds directly onto I-95, see map CLICK HERE.
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