Tuesday, August 20, 2013

VIDEO: Republican National Convention Put $214 Million Into Tampa Bay Economy Thanks to Tight Security That Shut Down Black Block Protesters.

If the 'Black Block Protestors' from the Occupy movement had not been shut down and taken out of the equation the Republican National Convention would have a disaster and a black eye for Tampa for years to come. 

SEE VIDEO ABOVE: No major company or major event would consider Tampa for anything if the Black Block Protesters had been allowed to run free through the streets.

ST PETE TIMES, TAMPA — Last year's Republican National Convention pumped more than $214 million directly into the Tampa Bay area's economy, according to an economic impact study commissioned by the local host committee. And as that money was spent and re-spent locally, the total direct and indirect impact of the convention on the bay area added up to $404 million, the study concluded. On Tuesday, local officials and convention organizers touted the benefits of the convention, which they said also raised the area's profile and proved that the bay area can come together to host a huge, complex and high-stakes event.

"It really put Tampa on the world stage," said Ken Jones, president of the nonprofit Tampa Bay Host Committee, which commissioned the study. "It really showcased everything that the city had to offer.""You knew with certainty that this was a pivotal moment for this community," Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said at a news conference Tuesday to unveil the results of the study. "You knew how we performed on that international stage was going to determine, probably for decades to come, what the world thought of us." 

Occupy Black Bloc Thugs Had Weapons Stashed in Their Backpacks and Around the Tampa RNC.  CBS 10 NEWS TV TAMPA September 1st, 2012. Police say the threat of violence was real. Sanitary workers found caches of poles and bricks in unusual places. And undercover intelligence revealed that some protesters had weapons in their backpacks. However, a strong showing of force and a willingness to de-escalate tensions proved successful. “They were wanting to feed off our aggression. We didn’t give them that and as a result, we just shut’em down,” said Col. Ed Duncan of the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office.

They were here to cause trouble,” said Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee. “We will not tolerate it. Other peaceful protesters are welcome, but not people causing inciting a riot, and that’s what they tried to do.” Law enforcement sources tell 10 News that they heard rumors that the “Black Bloc” would be used to storm the Bank of America or a parking garage as protesters demonstrated during the march.


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