My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Private Investigator Kayla Sharrow On Gun Selection For Women and Their Personal Protection.

Kayla Sharrow is a Florida Licensed Private Investigator, she is also a Florida Licensed Security Officer, Kayla has her Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License and she range qualified for her Florida Statewide Firearm License which allows her to 'open carry' while on the job, Kayla qualified at the Derek Jones Security & Firearm Academy in Sarasota Fl, see his website .

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Professionals cannot stress too heavily that the primary determinant of stopping power is BULLET PLACEMENT. A cool, deliberate marksman with a little .32 Walther PPK will beat a panicky, inaccurate man with a .357 Magnum or $1200 customized .45 auto every time. Whatever firearm and caliber you select, you must practice firing hundreds of rounds in realistic defensive scenarios until you can confidently make disabling hits on your target. Tactics and marksmanship win gunfights – not having the latest ‘wonder bullet’ in your gun.
For too long, women were told that if they wanted to carry a sidearm they needed a “ladies’ gun,” usually a tiny .22 or .25 automatic with so little power it might or might not stop a charging gerbil. Then the trend moved toward the small .38 Special revolver. The snubnose .38 became a classic “ladies’ gun” for modem times. Smith & Wesson’s first “LadySmith” since the 19th century became a roaring success in the 20th century based on the Chief Special, 2-inch barrel, five-shot, .32-frame revolver. There would be other LadySmiths, including the neat little 3913 LS compact 9mm autopistol. Above are a selection of so-called lady pistols.
Private eye Kayla Sharrow has gone through a lengthy training process on gun selection, she has been trained on .25 autos to .38 snub nosed to 9mm sub compacts, her choice has been the pink 9mm sub compact; Fear of a firearm should only come from those who are ignorant of safety techniques, or those who choose not to use them. I agree with quotes that state,”Why blame guns instead of the people using them, we don’t blame the car for drunk drivers?” As a proud owner of a concealed Diamondback 9mm semi-automatic firearm, I believe the first and most important rule is to always practice handling with safety and alertness. Also, not only should you familiarize yourself with different types of firearms, but you should be careful in choosing one that best suits you if you plan to carry, concealed or non-concealed. As a female, and as a college student, finding a gun and wanting to conceal was not a ‘bandwagon’ decision. I am no martial arts expert, and if a man or woman ever planned to hurt me, I wanted to know that at a very last resort I wasn’t going to die. So where did I begin in searching for my first firearm? A local gun shop in Crestview Fl, called Jay’s Guns& Accessories.


I calmly walked in and asked a professional some advice, and before I was suggested a gun the man at the counter asked me some very important questions: If I had had any experience shooting, and if I had planned to conceal or carry. After I answered, he pulled out a .38 Smith & Wesson Airweight hammerless firearm. He said with my lack of professional and safe experience that this particular model would be safest, because unlike others partially similar, if there were a jam all I had to do was keep squeezing. However, having shot a few .45 caliber and 9mm weapons, the .38 just did not feel comfortable for me. Knowing that I would never want to compromise safety, I chose to go a different route. In my concealed weapons qualifying range exam with instructor Mr. James C. Jones in Bradenton Fl, I shot both a 9mm Baretta and a 9mm Makarov, and made a ninety-one percent passing my exam. Seeing as I need to conceal, naturally both these firearms may have been a little harder to keep tucked away than my Diamondback. So again, safety is the infinite and most crucial rule in handling a firearm. Then, find a gun that best suits how you are going to handle that firearm with your lifestyle.
The Beretta 950 Jetfire isa great looking little pocket pistol!!! The tip-up barrel feature is great for those with weak hands. You can load a round in the chamber or remove the round that is in the chamber without having to cycle the slide. While the .25ACP cartridge is not the most powerful, 9 rounds of .25ACP are certainly better than throwing rocks. With a CCW permit you can carry this pistol while wearing just about any clothing but a swim suit, great for Florida undercover work.
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