Friday, May 10, 2013

Missing Petite Blonde Females May Be Victims of International Human Sex Trafficking Ring Says FBI

Numerous young and very pretty petite blonde females appear to have vanished off the face of the earth from the mid-west and north-east, local cops and the FBI have no clues, no leads, no person of interest, no suspects and no idea what happened to Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo and Lauren Spierer and many others. A reasonable person with normal intelligence might look at the missing person cases of Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo and Lauren Spierer and many others who all just happen to look alike and are in the same age, ethnic, weight, height and hair color category and who were all abducted from outside of their apartment or home on the street and just might think that possibly there is some connection to all of their disappearances, ya think.

All of these “missing” petite blond females, Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo and Lauren Spierer and others look-alike with almost identical features, size, height, weight, long blond hair and all are in the same age group, see examples below:
1). Kelli Bordeaux, blond hair, 5′ 0″ tall and 99 lbs, 23 years old.
2). Paige Johnson, blond hair, 5′ 1″ tall and 110 lbs, 18 years old.
3). Holly Bobo, blond hair, 5′ 3″ tall and 110 lbs, 21 years old. 4
4). Lauren Spierer, blond hair, 4′ 11″ tall and 95 lbs, 21 years old.
5). Heather Hodges, blond hair, 5′ 1″ tall and 100 lbs, 22 years old.
The longer the mainstream media such as ABC, NBC, CBS and the FBI ignores this very obvious link, the more likely additional petite blond females will disappear, someone out there has a very specific type female that he/they seeks and abducts.

Petite blonde female, Alivia Kail, was 19 years old when she went missing on or about March 5th, 2011, she has long blonde hair, she is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs about 110 pounds, she has green eyes and she has piercings on her face. Alivia Kail fits the exact profile of numerous other missing young petite blonde females like Kelli Bordeaux, Lauren Spierer, Holly Bobo, Paige Johnson, Heather Hodges and many more and now the FBI is finally admitting that at least Alivia Kail could be the victim of a International sex trafficking ring operating right here in the USA.

FBI PRESS RELEASE....New York Man Charged with Sex Trafficking of Young Females. Justin Williams, a/k/a “New York Ice,” a/k/a “Pimp Juice,” 38, of New York, New York, see, the business of human sex trafficking is much more organized and violent. These women and young girls are sold to traffickers, locked up in rooms or brothels for weeks or months, drugged, terrorized, and raped repeatedly. These continual abuses make it easier for the traffickers to control their victims. The captives are so afraid and intimidated that they rarely speak out against their traffickers, even when faced with an opportunity to escape, much like the 3 young women who recently escaped in Cleveland Ohio after 10 years in captivity.

PITTSBURGH —Alivia Kail has been missing for over two years (March 2011), but the young Mount Washington woman may still be alive and caught up in an out-of-state human trafficking ring against her will. The theory surfaced Tuesday at Heinz Field, where the FBI was hosting a conference to raise awareness and educate the Pittsburgh area about the subject of human trafficking. County police were also involved in the event. “They take women, get them into this sex trade and move them around the country, and that’s why, in some instances, it’s hard to trace them.”  READ IT ALL AT THIS LINK

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