Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cowgirls and Indians at FSU Football Games as Fans Go Slutty.

Florida State’s Chief Osceola sure must have a hard time watching the football games from his perch atop his horse considering what is going on in the stands at FSU, slutty Cowgirls rule the world.

TALLAHASSEE (FOX 13) 10/27/2012- It wss a big weekend for FSU fans. The homecoming game will send fans traveling from Tampa to Tallahassee, but will they be in the presence of the next internet sensation? It's happened before when a chance shot on TV put a FSU student in the national spotlight. "Cowgirl Nation" was born.

Now they're at every game -- you know them by the boots, the feathers and that "it" factor that took one Seminole from a FSU game to national fame. "Everybody wants to be the really cute Indian cowgirl-like hippie," said Susie Shin. It's a look perfected in the stands. "The cowgirl lives on with the feather and the gear," said Lindsey Patti.

Jenn Sterger She started it all, Cowgirl Nation: Jenn Sterger may be one of the hottest girls to ever fly under the radar, but in the fall of 2005 her life was forever changed. After going to the Miami-Florida State football game (barely) dressed like a cowgirl and appearing on national TV, she became a national sensation.

Jenn Sterger first attended college at the University of South Florida in Tampa. After two years of living at home and commuting to school, she decided to spread her wings and head to Florida State University. On September 5th 2005, Jenn Sterger caught America's attention when she and two friends became known as The FSU Cowgirls for their extremely hot cowgirl costumes at the Florida State-Miami game that year. During that game, TV announcer Brent Musberger accurately assessed that, "5,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next semester.

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