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Sunday, August 19, 2012

ANONYMOUS aka BLACK BLOC: Message 2 RNC Activists FBI, TPD and People Like Private Eye Bill Warner

I must have hit a nerve with the dirtbags at ANONYMOUS aka Black Bloc as they have posted a Youtube video dedicated to me, the FBI, the TPD and the RNC at Tampa warning everyone that "We are not terrorists but we are not pacifists" and "Let us band together and knock down the walls of the clean zone for it violates our constitution"

See their Youtube video here, and posted August 15th, 2012. The gist of the Tampa RNC threat is more visual than anything, at 4:45 into the video the ANONYMOUS computer generated voice mentions, 'Mainstream Media and people like private eye Bill Warner".
The group Anonymous is responsible for cyber-attacks on the Pentagon, News Corp and has also threatened to destroy Facebook. On February 28, 2012, Interpol issued warrants for the arrests of 25 people with suspected links to the loose hacking collective Anonymous, according to a statement from the international police agency. The suspects, between the ages of 17 and 40, were all arrested. Five computer hackers in the United States and abroad were charged today, and a sixth pled guilty, for computer hacking and other crimes. The six hackers identified themselves as aligned with the group Anonymous, which is a loose confederation of computer hackers and others, and/or offshoot groups related to Anonymous, including “Internet Feds,” “LulzSec,” and “AntiSec.”

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