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America's Most Wanted (AMW) Profiles Honor Killer Yaser Said in New York City on Friday July 13th at 9:00 PM on Lifetime Network TV.

On Friday July 13th, 2012 America's Most Wanted (AMW) will profile honor killer Yaser Said in New York City where he could be working as a unlicensed taxi driver.

According to the FBI's most wanted poster for Yaser Said, as seen above;
1). Yaser Said has links to New York City
2). Yaser Said may have fled to New York City
3). Yaser Said has relatives in the Metro New York City area
4). Yaser Said had always driven a taxi cab in a Metro city area.
"If it looks like a Duck and it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck it is a Duck", please take note NYPD.

Yaser Said Taxi Driver, anytime, anywhere...Jack Beasley, manager at Yellow/Jet Cab, says that Yaser had been fired in August 2003. The company banned Yaser Said from future cab leasing because customers complained that he was “crazy,” Beasley says. “Other cab companies would not hire him because nobody wanted to work with him anymore.

King Cab owner Massoud Nasseri was an exception, and he continued to provide Yaser work right up to December 24th, 2007. Nasseri, who came to the United States in the 1970s from Iran, says Yaser Said worked long hours, but would not leave the house unless Islam was there to make sure the girls stayed home at night. He worked the graveyard shift six or seven days a week.  He wasn’t a sissy man,” Nasseri says. “He worked night clubs and the strip joints, and he knew the danger of driving at night. Yaser Said would work places others wouldn’t work, Anytime Anywhere.

New York's Taxi and Limousine Commission regulates yellow cabs and requires criminal background checks for anyone applying for a license. But Yaser Said could easily be renting a licensed car illegally or using his own vehicle to illicitly pick up fares, according to Fernando Mateo, president of the New York State Foundation of Taxi Drivers. 'There are 10,000 illegal drivers in New York City,' Mateo told Fox News. 'It's as easy as getting in your car and driving to the airport or picking up illegal street hails.'

The America's Most Wanted (AMW) camera crew searched the streets of New York City for links to Yaser Said, from La Guardia airport to Astoria Queens to Midtown Manhattan on Thursday June 28th, 2012 in 95 degree heat. Cab drivers were interviewed at La Guardia airport and in Midtown Manhattan on Lexington Ave, Hookah Lounge owners in Astoria Queens were interviewed and all were shown Yaser Said's mugshots.

     Islam Said (son) on left, the father Yaser Said on the right in photo above.

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The NYPD has no information or photos about Yaser Said on their website nor does there appear to be any NYPD Yaser Said wanted posters circulating. The 17th Precinct in Mid-Town Manhattan declined a request for a sit down to discuss any new information about Yaser Said that I may have.

Yaser Said could show up at the Manhattan mall 100 West 33rd Street New York, or anyplace else in NYC, anytime, anywhere. If the FBI believes there is credible information that Yaser Said may be hiding in plain sight in New York City why can't the NYPD get involved? The NYPD's current uniformed strength is approximately 34,500, why aren't they looking for murder suspect Yaser Said?

Sociopath Sexual Predator: Profile of Honor Killer Yaser Said Hiding Out With the Muslim Underground in NYC. Yaser Abdel Said, Texas Honor Killer, he plays everybody and the American welfare system, controlling, a constant sexual predator, ultra macho outward appearance, always claims to have a weapon (even if he doesn’t) constant fear factor in his presence, non-communicative in groups unknown, classic sociopath, extremely dangerous, confides in his three brothers very close to them, plans with them, probably not so much the son, Islam, as he uses him as a tool (boy is borderline bi-polar), not an equal.

Yaser Said’s involvement with his 3 younger brothers is very interesting, possible sexual, but highly macho. Yaser Said is a sociopath, sexual predator, no feelings, no remorse. FBI needs to find this guy, he will kill again. Yaser Said was cruel to the girls not his son, Islam, these girls were scared to death of him. Yaser beat his daughters Amina and Sarah…not the son, Islam.

YASER SAID NYC TAXI DRIVER...'It’s all he knows and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Yaser Said is working as a taxi driver in New York City.' 'He could blend in at a metropolis like New York.'

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