Monday, June 04, 2012

Lafayette Univesity Student Mickey Shunick Was Not Riding Her Bike on I-10, No One Would Do Such a Foolish Thing.

Lafayette, LA – Lafayette Police have confirmed that Mickey Shunick's bike has been found beneath the Whiskey Bay I-10 Bridge at Exit #127, but there is no indication that Mickey Shunick was riding her bike on I-10, any such speculation is ridiculous.

No one would for any reason want to venture onto the narrow shoulder of the road on I-10 with a bicycle at 2:00 am and contend with cars and large tandem tractor trailer trucks going by within 6 feet of you at speeds up to 85 mph, it would never happen, you would not make it 1 mile let alone 27 miles from Lafayette LA as some are speculating when the bike of Mickey Shunick was found under the Whiskey Bay bridge.

Lafayette, LAIt is illegal to ride bicycles on interstate highways like I-10 near Lafayette LA... Sec. 39-13. Pedestrians, bicycles, etc., prohibited on interstate highways. It shall be unlawful and an offense against the city for pedestrians to be upon, or for any person to operate a bicycle, a non motorized vehicle or a motor driven cycle of less than ten (10) horsepower, on any part of Interstate Highway 10 and Interstate Highway 65, including the entrance roads thereto, at any place within the city and its police jurisdiction. (Code 1965, § 41-26.1).

I have driven on I-10 at 2:00 am when I travel for PI cases in North Florida, the so called Panhandle, if you drive the posted speed limit of 75 mph you will be literally almost blown off the road from the large tandem tractor trailer trucks that fly by you at 85 mph and up. Tandem Tractor Trailer Operator is distinguished from Tractor Trailer Operator by the operation on a full-time basis of a tractor trailer with two trailers hitched in tandem for Interstate travel.  I drive a SUV on I-10 and I am always fighting to keep the vehicle in it's lane when large tandem tractor trailer trucks come up along side and the wind force of their vehicle pushes my vehicle to the right, no one in their right mind would ever ride a bike on I-10, day or night.

It is my opinion that the perp who kidnapped Mickey Shunick dumped her bike under the Whiskey Bay I-10 Bridge at Exit #127 and then continued on his way with Mickey Shunick in the his vehicle heading East on I-10. There is no current search of the area under the Whiskey Bay I-10 Bridge at Exit #127 for Mickey Shunick.

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