Wednesday, May 02, 2012

PROFILE ON TERRORISM: Al-Qaeda and The Occupy Movement, London Cops Class Occupy Movement With Al Qaeda

Occupy Movement Terror Threat;  Islam is no longer the only serious terror threat as the true inner workings of the Occupy Movement are exposed with the recent bust of the Occupy Cleveland Five terrorists who plotted to blow up bridge linking two wealthy Cleveland suburbs.

10 NEWS TAMPA, Fla. — Five self-proclaimed anarchists (OCCUPY MOVEMENT) were arrested Monday after allegedly conspiring to blow up a bridge about 15 miles south of Cleveland. Based on statements in the affidavit, not only are the suspects linked to the Occupy movement, but one of them mentioned the Republican National Convention in Tampa as another possible target, see

Terrorists like the Occupy Cleveland Five and Al-Qaeda use the same tactics, such as planting bombs to blow up Railroad Stations in London and Madrid or Railroad Bridges in Cleveland Ohio with identical purposes in mind, to kill innocent people and to advance their radical ideology. HAZMAT was deployed to lower Manhattan following reports of suspicious envelopes containing white powder where deliver to 2 Wells Fargo Bank with one reading ‘Welcome to May 1st’, Occupy Movement.

Occupy Cleveland terrorists Douglas Wright, 26 and Brandon L. Baxter, 20 discussed becoming suicide bombers or driving a car filled with explosives into the lobby of a bank and detonating it, but they said that they would have to be really drunk to pull it off, see 

Al-Qaeda is well known for using suicide bombers and car bombs, Occupy Cleveland Five Terrorists and Al-Qaeda used the same play book. Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter said ‘blowing up the bridge would not stop money flowing to the “ONE PERCENT” and that blowing up the bridge would just piss off the people who take the bridge everyday“. Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter suggested “derailing a passenger train off of a railroad bridge“, see

UK NEWS YAHOO...City of London police class Occupy movement with terrorists such as Al Qaeda. Commenting on the document, City of London Police said: “[We] work with the community to deter and detect terrorist activity and crime in the City in a way that has been identified nationally as good practice. “We’ve seen crime linked to protests in recent weeks, notably around groups entering office buildings, and with that in mind we continue to brief key trusted partners on activity linked to protests.”

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