Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Occupy Cleveland Terrorists Plot to Blow Up Bridge While Occupy Sarasota Goons File Lawsuit Against Cops, Bombs and Litigation Jihad Just Like the 60's.

Occupy Cleveland Gang lead by Brandon Baxter aka "SKABBY" plotted to blow up Ohio State Route 82 Bridge. The FBI arrested five men Monday evening, saying they had planted what were believed to be explosive devices under the Ohio 82 bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park as part of a May Day protest today.

The five men were “self-proclaimed anarchists,” who intended to detonate two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) under the bridge in Sagamore Hills, but had purchased the inert devices from undercover FBI agents, officials said. Arrested by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and charged with conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials were: Douglas Wright, 26; Brandon L. Baxter, 20; and Anthony Hayne, 35.

FROM the FBI Arrest Affidavit of Douglas l. Wright, 26, Brandon L. Baxter, 20, and Anthony Wayne, 35, Brandon Baxter is described as 6′ 0″ tall and 180 lbs with blonde hair, he is from Lakewood Ohio, Brandon Baxter also goes by the name ’”SKABBY”.

Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter said ‘blowing up the bridge would not stop money flowing to the “ONE PERCENT” and that blowing up the bridge would just piss off the people who take the bridge everyday“. Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter suggested “derailing a passenger train off of a railroad bridge“, see http://media.cleveland.com/plain_dealer_metro/other/1-1.pdf

OCCUPIED — Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter gets some shade in the Occupy Cleveland tent in downtown Cleveland on March 21, 2012.  Baxter, one of the few remaining members of Occupy Cleveland’s physical presence downtown, said the group has seen a sharp decline in numbers since last October because of increasing disorganization. “We need guidance,” he said.

Occupy Cleveland Terrorists Plot to Blow Up Bridge While Occupy Sarasota Goons File Lawsuit Against Cops, Bombs and Litigation Jihad Just Like the 60's. In Sarasota Fl the Far Left Occupy Anarchists and the ACLU have filed a lawsuit against the Sarasota Police department for doing their job and keeping the streets free of these dirtbags.

Civil Inquiry Detail
Filing Date 4/25/2012
Plaintiff Name ...........Attorney Name
Defendant Information

The attorney who filed the lawsuit against the Sarasota Police Department on behalf of the Occupy Sarasota Members is Andrea Mogensen, she is a Board member of the ACLU.  According to a January 2009 Sarasota Herald Tribune Article..Defense attorney charged with resisting arrest.

 SARASOTA - A defense attorney who built her private practice questioning law enforcement arrests was charged with resisting arrest without violence on Saturday morning. Sarasota police said Andrea Mogensen, 42, her photo, refused to stop and give her first name as she walked at 3 a.m. in the 2500 block of South Milmar Drive. Police were responding to a domestic dispute at her boyfriend's house in the 2500 block of South Milmar Drive, where a window had been broken. Andrea Mogensen fit the description of the woman involved in the dispute, police said. When an officer approached her, she stated she was a lawyer and did not have to stop, a police report says. The officer took Andrea Mogensen to the ground, handcuffed her and charged her with obstruction.

See… Felons Helping Felons, ACLU Mouthpiece Michael A. Barfield Has Troubling Criminal History So Does Occupy Sarasota Poster Boy Chris Young.The involvement of Michael Barfield and the ACLU and all the media coverage of Chris Young has made all of the participants, at the very least ,”Limited Public Figures” and as such the motives and backgrounds of Michael Barfield and Chris Young and their interaction with Law Enforcement are open to scrutiny, read it all CLICK HERE.
In my opinion and from the facts gathered by an investigation of open public court records, arrest records and archived news articles, it appears to me that Occupy Sarasota poster boy Chris Young has set up the Sarasota Police Department and the City of Sarasota for a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit, with Michael Barfield of the ACLU and local attorney Derek Bryd at his side.

How does the Occupy Movement finace their activities, where does or did the money come from to keep these goons out on the street, where did the cash come from for Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter to purchase the inert C-4 bomb material from the FBI undercover, gee maybe some of the cash comes from these "lawsuits", litigation jiahd.

WILL OCCUPY MOVEMENT PLANT BOMBS BY SARASOTA BRIDGES:Sarasota Cops need to keep up surveillance on the Five Points Sarasota Occupy Members, do what needs to be done to keep the citizens of Sarasota safe from these radical dirtbags.

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