Friday, May 18, 2012

Neo Nazi American Front Had Planned to Join Occupy Movement May Day Protest in Florida With Signs on Metal Poles as Weapons.

From Information obtained from the arrest affidavit of American Front (AF) leader Marcus Faella, 39, he and the AF group had planned to join the Occupy Movement protest on May 1st, 2012, "May Day" in  Melbourne Fl.  Marcus Faella had instructed AF members to make "Occupy" signs on 5' long metal poles which could be used as weapons.  The AF was planning on attacking a rival skin head group, the REDS, at the  Occupy Movement protest on May 1st, 2012, "May Day" in  Melbourne Fl. Cops are going to have a lot of fun with the upcoming RNC in Tampa with dirtballs like these goons showing up. See American Front affidavit (caution: strong language) – Florida Today,

Federal, state and local authorities arrested much of the core membership of the Florida contingent of the white supremacist American Front this past weekend on hate crimes and conspiracy charges. The American Front is one of the oldest hardcore racist skinhead groups in the United States, with a membership concentrated primarily in northern California and central Florida.  Members picked up so far include Marcus Faella, 39; Patricia Faella, 36; The Faellas have played something of a leadership role within the American Front since the shooting death of its previous leader, David Lynch, in California in 2011.

HERALD TRIBUNE SARASOTA COUNTY – A Venice man who works at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota was arrested this week by state and federal authorities who say he was part of a paramilitary group bent on a race war and plotting to blow up public buildings in Orlando, according to arrest records.  John Wyczlinski, 33, of the 1300 block of Pine Lake Drive in Venice, is charged with three felonies: violating the Florida anti-paramilitary training act, criminal conspiracy and committing a hate crime. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE. John Thomas Wyczlinski, DOB 6/02/1978, was the Asolo Call Center Supervisor.  Asolo Theater sure needs to do a better job when and if they do any kind of background checks of their employee’s.

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