Sunday, May 06, 2012

MTO Team Member Busted on Felony Battery Charge in Sarasota, Roger Helped MTO on Tube Dude Fast Life Gang Mural and Then Mocked Sarasota on Facebook.

The “Fast Life’ mural that was painted over by Scott Gerber at the Tube Dude Factory in Sarasota appeared to show gang signs of the West Side Crips, the inverted W. One of the MTO ”Fast Life” mural team members was a guy by the name of "Roger", see above, who had posted photos of himself and his girl friend on Facebook giving the "West Side Crips" gang sign after the MTO mural was completed, note the gun in "Roger's" waistband, click on image above to enlarge. Roger was apparently working for Denise Kowal and Austin Kowal at their T-Shirt Shop “Clothesline” 533 S. Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota FL. "Roger" was arrested in Sarasota during February 2012 on Felony aggravated battery charges, nice MTO team member. Denise Kowal brought street tagger MTO to Sarasota to do two murals, thanks for nothing.
There was never any doubt in my mind that this dirtball MTO had pulled a fast one on the Tube Dude building owner and the City of Sarasota with his gang related graffiti "Fast Life" mural. "Roger" one of MTO's team members who helped paint the "Fast Life" Mural posted mocking photos of the "Fast Life" MTO mural on his Facebbok page with his girlfriend, Roger gave the "W' sign for West Side and the girlfriend made a "C" sign for Crips, Roger also had a silver pistol tucked in his waistband, click on image above to enlarge.
Now this MTO dirtball has painted yet another mural in Sarasota: Goofball Tagger MTO Slams Sarasota and Tube Dude Factory With Dr. Robin Mural, Chalk Festival Founder Denise Kowal Defends MTO, Again. Dirtball tagger MTO says, “Dr. Robin Specialist for Leaders and Haters (that’s me) Bullshit Crisis City of Sarasota”. I for one and really glad that maybe all the research I did into the gang signs and the people responsible for the “Fast Life’ mural were exposed and that the City of Sarasota requested that it be taken down, this one is next. Denise Kowal continues to give Sarasota Fl a “black eye” by bringing MTO and his street tagging graffiti back to town. Berlin based graffiti / street tagger MTO did both the former ‘Fast Life’ piece and the ‘Dr. Robin’ piece which are part of the “Going Vertical campaign” an initiative led by Sarasota Chalk Festival founder Denise Kowal to create murals in various locations throughout the city.
About the new mural: It’s some 40 feet tall, on the north side of Sarasota Architectural Salvage. Owner Jesse White said he gave MTO permission based on a thumbnail sketch. But White said Thursday he felt blindsided when he saw some of the final touches — especially the parts that target his neighbors and city leaders. One of White’s neighbors irked by the new mural is Scott Gerber, who painted over the “Fast Life” mural after being pressured by neighbors and the city. After the first mural stirred up controversy, city officials sent him a letter urging him to consider eliminating it as a gesture of “goodwill.” So he did. Now Gerber is apparently on the artist’s bad side — the second mural includes a warped Tube Dude with dollar signs for eyes, (SEE ENHANCED OUTLINE OF TUBE DUDE IN SUN GLASSES ABOVE).
Tube Dude Factory owner Scott Gerber did the right thing in taking down the gang graffiti “Fast Life” mural, seen above, that this dirtball MTO put up on his building. On the other hand this woman, Denise Kowal, did the wrong thing in bringing back tagger MTO to Sarasota, what problems does Denise Kowal have with the City of Sarasota, why does she continue to endorse this dirtball MTO?

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