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JFK Murdered By The Mob and Anti-Castro Zealots, Bay of Pigs Fiasco Was Final Straw As Judge Keeps CIA Volume on Bay of Pigs Secret

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy murdered Friday November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas at 12:30 pm CST, after being struck in the neck with a bullet from an almost horizontal position, the Zapruder film shows Kennedy clutching at his throat, and then Kennedy was shot from the left front as that bullet entered into the left side of his head.

Testimony of Gov. John CONNALLY...."I knew it when I just looked down and I was covered with blood, and the thought immediately passed through my mind that there were either two or three people involved or more in this or someone was shooting with an automatic rifle (bolt action rifle was found). These were just thoughts that went through my mind because of the rapidity of these two, of the first shot plus the blow that I took, and I knew I had been hit, and I immediately assumed, because of the amount of blood, and in fact, that it had obviously passed through my chest. that I had probably been fatally hit"---the shot came from an elevated position to his right rear.

What other wounds, if any, did you sustain? Governor CONNALLY, "A fractured  (shattered) right wrist and a wound in the left thigh, just above the knee, a raw, open wound, looked like a fairly deep penetration", Governor CONNALLY was shot in the chest, the right wrist and the left thigh, three different wounds.  James Tague, a spectator and witness to the assassination, also received a minor wound to his right cheek while standing 531 feet away from the Depository's sixth floor, far-eastern window when a bullet or bullet fragment with no copper casing struck the nearby Main Street south curb. There appears to be at least 6 wounds from 6 shots between Kennedy, Connally and Tague.

A 6.5 × 52 mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle was found on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository. A bullet found on Connally's hospital gurney, and two bullet fragments found in the presidential limousine, were ballistically matched to this rifle. The Magic Bullet from different views. The Magic Bullet is the bullet that is claimed to have caused seven wounds on Kennedy and Conally. Initially this bullet had not been found. But mysteriously, it appeared later in the Parkland Memorial Hospital - you can see - in an almost pristine condition above.  In 1979, an investigation conducted by Congress's House Assassinations Committee claimed a fourth shot had been fired from behind a white picket fence on that grassy knoll.  The House panel was able to use filtering techniques available at the time to isolate "audible events" during a 10-second time frame that it thought could be gunfire — and found four.

This well-known Polaroid picture was being taken at the moment of the first shot (neck shot) of the assassination by Mary Moorman who stood on the south side of Elm Street. Blow-ups show two figures behind the fence next to the Grassy Knoll resembling a man with a rifle (The Black Dog Man) and a police officer (The Badge Man). The two men never have been found.

How fast was the President's automobile proceeding at that time? Governor CONNALL, "I would guess between 20 and 22 miles an hour away from the Texas School Book Depository building".  20 and 22 miles an hour away from the Texas School Book Depository building, why weren't the shots taken as the limo approached the Texas School Book Depository building?

•12:30 p.m.-- President Kennedy is shot and taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. 
•1:00 p.m. -- President Kennedy is pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital.
•1:08 p.m. -- Officer J.D. Tippit calls in to the police dispatch. By 1:16 p.m., he is dead.
•1:22 p.m. -- Rifle found on the sixth floor of Texas School Book Depository building.
•1:55 p.m. -- Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff for the murder of Officer Tippit (within 85 minutes of JFK murdered).
•2:04 p.m. -- John F. Kennedy's body leaves Parkland Hospital and is taken to Love Field to be carried to Washington, D.C. on board Air Force One (within 94 minutes of being shot).
•2:25 p.m. -- Lee Harvey Oswald is interrogated for more than an hour and a half, taken to a lineup, interrogated for another hour and forty-five minutes, taken to another lineup, then a third lineup, then interrogated again.
•7:05 p.m. -- Oswald is charged with the murder of Officer Tippit.
•11:00 p.m-- There is a fourth interrogation of Oswald by an FBI agent.
•11:26 p.m. -- Oswald is charged with the murder of President Kennedy.
•10:30 a.m. -- A fourth Oswald interrogation lasts for two hours and forty minutes.
•1:10 p.m. -- During the day, Oswald speaks with family and friends.
•5:30 p.m. -- Oswald speaks to H. Louis Nichols, President of the Dallas Bar Association, for five minutes.
•9:30 a.m. -- A fifth Oswald interrogation.
•11:21 a.m. -- Jack Ruby shoots Oswald during a transfer from the Dallas Police Department to the County Jail. Jack Ruby died in prison on Mar 1, 1967.
The world of Jack Ruby, Hoover's FBI and the Mafia came together in the 1950's when mutual interest over Cuba had made them solid allies. In 1959, when covert, anti-Castro operations were flourishing and gun-running campaigns to arm a popular counter-revolution were supported by Mafia and American intelligence operatives, Jack Ruby travelled to and from Cuba, obviously with State Department approval. The revolution in Cuba had undermined Havana's status as the world capital of organized crime and the Mafia actively pursued its interests by supporting a counter-revolution. Mafia gophers like Jack Ruby did the leg work, Mafia bosses like Carlos Marcello provided unaccountable financial support and FBI agents who illegally engaged the anti-Castro crusade, reported directly to J. Edgar Hoover.

The plot to use the Mafia to assassinate Castro was brought to the attention of Robert Kennedy in the context that the so-called liaison between the CIA and the Mafia had terminated. Allegedly hatched by the Eisenhower administration, the question of who initially authorized plans to murder Castro has yet to be disclosed, but given all the available evidence to date, J. Edgar Hoover and the Mafia are evidently primary architects.

May 11th, 2012...Judge keeps CIA volume on Bay of Pigs secret.  WASHINGTON - A federal judge has ruled that a final volume of the CIA's three-decade-old history on the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba can remain shrouded in secrecy because it is a draft, not a finished product.  In her decision Thursday, the judge said a draft history would risk public release of inaccurate historical information. Judge Kessler also cited the arguments of the CIA chief historian that disclosure would have a chilling effect on the CIA's current historians.

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing; On April 17, 1961, 1400 Cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasion at the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba. The CIA had set up training camps in Guatemala. The opening volume examines the critical component of the invasion—the CIA-created air force, the preliminary air strikes, and the air battle over Cuba during the three day attack.  The study forcefully addresses the central “who-lost-Cuba” debate that broke out in the aftermath of the failed invasion. It absolves the CIA of blame, and places it on the Kennedy White House and other agencies for decisions relating to the preliminary air strikes and overt air cover that, according to the Official History, critically compromised the success of the operation.

The plot to murder Castro was an integral part of the Bay of Pigs operation. The disaster at the Bay of Pigs had a lasting impact on the Kennedy administration. Determined to make up for the failed invasion, the administration initiated Operation Mongoose—a plan to sabotage and destabilize the Cuban government and economy. The plan included the possibility of assassinating Castro. Almost 50 years later, relations between Castro's Cuba and the United States remain strained and tenuous

These so-called, CIA/Mafia plots to assassinate Castro were supposed to convince the Kennedys to abandon the effort to prosecute Maheau and Sam Giancana but Kennedys Justice Department continued to keep Sam Giancana under heavy surveillance.

When the Justice Department launched an anti-organized crime campaign in the late 1950's, Hoover deliberately thwarted efforts to secure prosecutions. The police arrested 67 mobsters who were meeting at Apalachin NY (just outside Binghamton) in 1957, but "Hoover systematically undermined Justice Department efforts to build criminal prosecutions against the 67 mobsters netted at Apalachin NYThe detained and indicted Mafiosi at the Apalachin summit on November 14, 1957 included: Santo Trafficante Jr. from Tampa, Joseph  Barbara, Russell Bufalino, Salvatore "Momo" Giancana from Chicago with John Francis Colletti and Joseph "Joe" Civello from the Dallas Mob.

If Sam Giancana and his violent mafia cohorts evaded criminal prosecution, it is because Hoover did whatever he could to protect Mafia associates who were helping him wage war against Castro. Clearly, as far as Hoover was concerned, Sam Giancana was a friend: Hoover despised the Kennedys. Carlos Marcello embodied the war between the Kennedys and Hoover's Mafia. In the fall of 1963, the unimpeded rackets of Carlos Marcello, the violent, the anti-Communist zealot who generously funded the effort to oust Castro, were temporarily sidetracked by the need to fight deportation charges initiated by Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Former FBI agent Guy Banister now a private eye in New Orleans, who was reputed to have maintained contact with Hoover's FBI, was helping Marcello fight the charges.

When Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, Dallas District Attorney Wade told reporters that Oswald belonged to the "Free Cuba" Committee, but mobster Jack Ruby, posing as a reporter at the very same press conference, promptly corrected Wade and indicated that Oswald belonged to the "Fair Play For Cuba" committee, a bogus New Orleans chapter of the pro-Castro organization that contained a single member, Lee Harvey Oswald.  The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald worked out of the office of a Hoover loyalist like Guy Banister clearly betrays the degree to which J. Edgar Hoover controlled Oswald the patsy. Guy Banister was an extremely violent, rabidly anti-Communist zealot who reportedly belonged to the Minutemen, a right wing paramilitary organization that promoted the need to subvert, sabotage and murder Communists.

In 1962, Banister associate, David Ferrie, a like-minded anti-Communist zealot, was reportedly training exiles in paramilitary tactics at a secret camp across Lake Ponchartrain, at the behest of the CIA. In 1963, Ferrie worked very closely with both Guy Banister and Marcello, and according to Banister's secretary, Mafia associate Johnny Roselli and former FBI agent Maheau also had dealings with Banister's office in 1963.

Given the nature of the company that surrounded Lee Harvey Oswald, the fact that he was a handpicked patsy is not idle speculation. Indeed, J. Edgar Hoover, Robert Maheau, Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Johnny Roselli and Jack Ruby all extended and expected favours from the mob, they were all heavily involved in efforts to oust Castro, and they all expected prosecutorial immunity because they were "patriots" who allegedly acted in the best interests of the national security of the United States.

John Kennedy's motorcade through Dallas, which was to go directly down Main Street and onto the Stemmons Freeway, was changed at the last minute to turn of Houston Street, and then Elm Street.  The route down Elm Street takes the JFK limo near the Grassy Knoll, where a shooter was supposedly stationed. It also takes the motorcade near other buildings like the Texas School Book Depository building and the Dal-Tex building were shooters could be hidden creating a "triangulation of crossfire."

If it is to be belived that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone sniper in the JFK assasination, why didn't Oswald take his supposed 3 shots at JFK as his limo came up Houston Street towards the Texas School Book Depository building and then turned left onto Elm Street. The JFK limo would have had to slow down to make the sharp left hand turn onto Elm Street and JFK was sitting in the right rear passenger seat fully exposed, that was where the shots should have been fired, not as the JFK limo moved away from the Texas School Book Depository building, any hunter or sniper or shooter of any kind would have taken the shot on Houston Street.

With regard to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Mafia needed assassins who, if caught, could not be tied directly to the American Mafia. Assassins were needed who were not known to American police, and finally, assassins who could be counted on not to talk. They spent several days photographing Dealey Plaza, and at night they studied the photographs and arranged a mathematical crossfire.

As for the location of the killers during the murder, two of the men were situated in buildings behind the President’s limousine. One man was stationed about 60 feet above the ground, while the other killer was “almost on the horizontal…you cannot understand the wounds unless you understand that one of the men was almost on the horizontal”. The two buildings in question were the Texas School Book Depository and the Dal-Tex building. Witnesses saw men on the sixth floor of the Depository and on a lower floor of the Dal-Tex buildingA shooter was situated on the Grassy Knoll. The shooter had wanted to be located on the bridge above Elm Street, but discovered on the morning of the assassination that the bridge was guarded, forcing him to move onto “the little hill with the wooden fence”. The shooter took up a position behind this fence and fired one shot. 

Friday November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m.-- President John F. Kennedy is shot on Elm Street and taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas where he dies. While all this was going on the cops were able to solve the JFK assassiantion in 85 minutes with the arrest at 1:55 p.m. of Lee Harvey Oswald six miles away at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff, Dallas TX, see map CLICK HERE. The fastest take down or set up in hisotry.

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