Tuesday, April 17, 2012

US Secret Service Cartagena Colombia Scandal 'Involved 20 Hookers', Were FARC Female Rebels Behind the Sting, Was Barack Obama A Target for Assassination?

BBC NEWS....The US Secret Service prostitution scandal involved as many as 20 women, 11 American agents and some military personnel, senior US officials say. Senator Susan Collins, briefed by the Secret Service director, said 20 women were found at the US hotel. The incidents took place in Cartagena, Colombia, ahead of last weekend's Summit of the Americas.

On Monday, the head of the US armed forces said the Secret Service and the military had "let the boss down". "Who were these women? Members of FARC Rebels? Could they have been members of groups hostile to the United States? Could they have planted bugs, disabled weapons, or... jeopardised [the] security of the president or our country?"

Secret Service agents had copies of President Obama's schedule in their hotel rooms while they were allegedly entertaining prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia last week. The Secret Service agents apparently picked "the prettiest" girls at a shabby Colombian bar called the Pley Club, where the girls charge about $180, and took them back to the luxury Hotel Caribe.

FARC Rebels own Cartagena Columbia, nothing in Cartagena Columbia goes down without FARC Rebels behind the scene, drugs, prostitution, kidnapping, FARC Rebels own it.  FARC Rebels want US President Barack Obama dead, of all the places Obama shows up,  Cartagena Columbia ranks right up there with Kabul Afghanistan as most hostile to US President Barack Obama.

Attacks by the FARC have been the bread of the daily newscasts. The states of Valle del Cauca and Antioquia have been the scene of the greatest number of incidents. Of particular concern were the assaults along the main highway uniting Medellin to Cartagena and the Caribbean coast.  In February 2012, the Colombian military stated that they have has greatly weakened the FARC rebels over the past decade thanks to new government resolve and $5 billion in U.S. counterinsurgency aid from Pres. Barack Obama, can you say dead man walking in Cartagena Columbia if FARC has their way.

Attractive women are a large component of the FARC Rebels, the FARC's force strength is usually estimated to be at around 15,000 to 18,000 men and women, organized in more than 80 fronts.  Some poor Latin American women are involved in illegal activities such as prostitution and gang criminality from their childhood, in order to support themselves and their families. Hundreds of women have joined guerrilla and rebel groups as a way to express their rejection of the situation that they have been forced to live with. Women may make up a third of the FARC's fighters or about 6,000 female fighters.

FARC...The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – Ejército del Pueblo; FARC-EP or FARC is a Marxist–Leninist revolutionary guerrilla organization based in Colombia, involved in the ongoing Colombian armed conflict and opposes the United States and President Barack Obama's influence in Colombia.  FARC was established as a military wing of the Colombian Communist Party. 

FARC is a violent non-state actor (VNSA), described as a terrorist group by the governments of Colombia, the United States, Canada, Chile and New Zealand, as well as by the European Union.

On March 22, 2006 then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced the indictment of fifty leaders of FARC for importing more than $25 billion worth of cocaine into the United States and other countries. Several of the FARC leaders appeared on the Justice Department's Consolidated Priority Organization target list, which identifies the most dangerous international drug trafficking organizations.

DAILY NEWS NYC...When one thinks of what women look like in Colombia, one only has to look no further than Sofia Vergara who is famously proud of her curves, and the "Modern Family" star definitely plans on leaving little to the imagination at the beach this summer.  Sofia Vergara was born in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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