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TRIAL...Anders Behring Breivik Norway Mass Murder Attacks Inspired by Ultra Right Wing Serbian Nationalists Like Milorad Ulemek (Nazis).

ANDERS BREIVIK TRIAL....Last summer's attacks on Norway were inspired by "Serb nationalists", Anders Behring Breivik has told a court in Olso as he attempted to distance himself from the "old school" of rightwing extremism propagated by the Nazis. Giving evidence for a second day in his trial, the 33-year-old was questioned about the philosophy behind his deadly acts and the Knights Templar (KT) network of anti-Islamists he claims to have co-founded in London in 2002.

"As regards the identity [of KT]," he said on Wednesday, "the essence was to try to distance oneself sufficiently from national socialism because it was quite blood-stained. We felt it completely essential to do so. For the extreme right to be ever be able to prevail in Europe in the future, one had to distance oneself from the old school ideology. One would chose a new identity."

He added that this identity "was, in a way, imported from Serbia". The Serbs who fought and died during the Nato bombing of Kosovo in 1999 had a "crusader" mentality to which he aspired, he said. Questioned about his path to radicalisation, Breivik said the bombing of Serbs was "the straw that broke the camel's back" for militant nationalists like himself.

Anders Breivik claimed that his visit to Liberia in April 2002 – backed up by passport checks carried out by police – was made to visit a Serbian "hero" who was wanted for war crimes. He refused to reveal the man's name. Norwegian police suspect he was referring to former paramilitary commander Milorad Ulemek who was convicted of assassinating Serbia's pro-western prime minister Zoran Djindjic

Prosecutors have said they believe the Knights Templar network did not exist "in the way he describes it". Breivik said it did and that police had not done a good enough job in uncovering it. "It is not in my interest to shed light on details that could lead to arrests," he told the court. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

Milorad Ulemek, his photo above, a special police commander (Nazi) under Serbia's former dictator Slobodan Milosevic, and his deputy Zvezdan Jovanovic were found guilty of gunning down Serbia's pro-western prime minister Zoran Djindjic on March 12, 2003. They were given the maximum sentence, 40 years.

The prosecutors' indictment accused Ulemek and Jovanovic of assassinating the reformist Djindjic to prevent him both from pursuing pro-Western policies and from cracking down on organized crime.The two men fought as paramilitaries in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. In addition, they and other defendants were linked to the Serbian mafia. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

Anders Behring Breivik the Norway Mass Murderer has nor link to Al-Qaeda or any Muslim group, he hates Muslims.  For some bizarre reason radical american blogger Pamela Geller thinks "Norway Killer reveals inspiration: "We have drawn from al-Qaida and militant Islamists", good grief, this woman is nuts.

Obraz Fatherland Movement (Political organization, Serbia).  The Serb ultranationalist organization Obraz has left messages on the doors of Kosovo Albanians (Muslims) living in the Serb-run north of the town, reading “We are coming.”  Obraz espouses a vision of a Great Serbia populated only by Orthodox Christians - and in the past it has not shrunk from advocating physical force to achieve its goals.

Obraz says it strives for the spiritual renewal of Serbdom through a combination of “Serbian patriotism and Orthodox love for God”. According to Obraz, “There is no healthy Serbian society without a healthy Christian spirituality.”

For all its self-proclaimed spiritual values, in many people’s eyes the movement is more obviously dedicated to stirring up religious, ethnic and racial hatred (Muslims) than love of God. They accuse it of persecuting its political opponents and ethnic minorities.

On April 8 an explosive device killed Selver Haradinaj, a Kosovo Albanian, and wounded his wife and four children in the Three Skyscrapers district. Authorities in Pristina condemned the attack as terrorism. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

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