Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sarasota Writers Heidi Ley and Terry Little to Publish Book Called "Charles Manson’s Final Say" With Profits Going to Serial Killer Charles Manson.

There appears to be this bizarre cult in Sarasota Fl that plans to prove convicted serial killer Charles Manson, his photo above, is innocent and that his trial was a set up, WTH?

I have received a series of thinly veiled threatening emails from the supposed co-authors of the book "Charles Manson’s Final Say" , Heidi Ley and Terry Little also phone calls from the husband of Heidi Ley, Alex Ley.

Back in December 2011 when the Sarasota Herlad Tribune published an article about Heidi Ley and the proposed book she is going to have published about Charles Manson there was a lot of Internet activity with people upset at her point of view, "Charles Manson is innocent and that his trial was a set up".

One such Internet discussion was published on a blog called The Debris Field and it appears that the book "Charles Manson’s Final Say" co-author or researcher Terry Little wrote in, claiming that if the book does well she and Heidi Ley will see that serial killer Charles Manson will get money.

The tone of the posting by Terry Little on the Debris Field blog is identical to the emails that I have received from Terry Little, see below;

From: Terry L. Little
To: Bill Warner
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 9:23 PM
Subject: Manson

I forgot to mention that Charlie corresponds with me on a regular basics, plus I talk to him on the phone on a regular basics. I send him what he needs and help him all I can. I think we still have that right in the United States, but it's people like you that makes it hard for other people to help one another, as I say Heidi is a very nice person and I'm glad I can call her my friend along with Charles Manson, Frank Reichard, Bruce Davis and Lynette Fromme. You need to learn to stay out of peoples business when your not wanted. I'm sure what ever it is you do have some kind of meaning behind it----

Article from a blog called The Debris Field".
Sarasota woman Heidi Ley telling Charles Manson's story,

Friday, December 23, 2011, Comments:
ALIKEN said... This woman is full of lies. I know Graywolf & I know charles and the guy who wrote this article never bothered to confirm ANY OF IT! 99% of what this woman told him was A LIE! AND unlike this woman, I CAN PROVE IT!

Terry Little said... Well people I happen to know Charles Manson as good as any one, Heidi Ley also knows Charlie in a personal way that you people only wish you knew. What needs to be done here is all of you mind your own damn business, I have just as much prove that Heidi is truthful and everything she says is the Truth, The whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. The reporter seen the truth and wrote the article, Gray wolf is just mad because he is not getting the money off the book--unlike that guy we are setting Charlie up a fund if the book does good and he will have money, but Heidi and myself will take care of that--at least he will get his money and won't get ripped off like always, so what ever you think you can prove, I can prove better--feel free to send Heidi and myself a Valentine day card--
Peace my brotha's

p.s soon I will have my law degree and things like this will stop, I will see to that.
Charles Manson’s Final Say

Terry Little and Heidi Ley want to funnel profits from their book to serial killer Charles Manson currently in a California prison doing life.  Perhaps Terry Little and Heidi Ley have never heard of California’s “Son of Sam” statute, their ignorance of the law is no reason to try and compensate convicted serial killer Charles Manson for his murder spree.

California’s “Son of Sam” statute states that convicted felons can not profit from their crimes. In certain cases a Son of Sam law can be extended beyond the criminals themselves to include friends (Terry Little and Heidi Ley), neighbors, and family members of the lawbreaker who seek to profit by telling publishers and filmmakers of their relation to the criminal.

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