Monday, April 23, 2012

Petite Blonde Stephanie Kirk Missing For 30 Days After Meeting Man at Bar in New Albany IN Near I-84 Highway, Any Link to Sex Offender James E. Gunterman.

Petite Blonde Stephanie Kirk Missing For 30 Days After Meeting Man at Bar in New Albany IN Near I-84 HighwayAny Link to Sex Offender James E. Gunterman jr.. Stephanie Kirk  is 35 years old, she has long blonde hair and blue eyes, she is 5' 5" tall and 100 lbs with a thin build, see map for location for Uptown Bar on Vincennes Street New Albany IN near the I-84 highway CLICK HERE.

Stephanie Kirk is the same size, age and general overall looks as Karen Swift who was kidnapped and murdered in Dyersburg TN, her body was found on December 11th, 2011 near a cemetery. 

CLARK COUNTY, Ind. - Investigators with the Clark County Sheriff's Office are asking for the public's help in a missing persons case that has police and family concerned. Stephanie Marie Kirk, 35, hasn't been seen since March 25. Her family said that's highly unusual and highly dangerous because she's on critical medication. She has high blood pressure, which can cause blackouts and delirium, and didn't take her medication with her.

Police said they have information she was supposed to meet a man at the Uptown Bar on Vincennes Street. The two had allegedly met at the bar the night before and decided to meet there again. "I spoke to her that afternoon, that she was going to meet somebody and go for a ride on his cycle and they were on their way to Shelbyville to pick up a motorcycle. And that's the last I heard from her,” her father, Tony Kirk, said.  The man is being described as white and between 55 and 60 years of age.

Police said initially said the man’s name was Jeff Cohan, but later received a tip that his name was Jeff Gohan, but investigators can't even confirm that's the man's actual name. Phone and credit card activity for Stephanie Kirk has been silent. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

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