Sunday, April 08, 2012

North Country Gazette News Website Says You Need To Pay To Read Its Stories, Says It's Collecting Visitor IPs To Sue, What the Hell?

Apparently, there's a local news site known as The North Country Gazette covering parts of upstate New York via a blog format. Rather than putting in place an actual technical paywall, the site has apparently decided to go with a paywall-by-threat model. If you visit a story on the site, it tells you that you're only allowed to view one page for free, and then they expect you to pay up:

North Country Gazette News Website in upstate New York published an article called "Tampa Cigarette Scheme Up In Smoke" about cigarette smugglers in TAMPA Fl, the North Country Gazette is Published by June Maxam.

The North Country Gazette News article about cigarette smugglers in TAMPA Fl was pulled from the St Pete Times newspaper in Florida, see "Police say crime ring put out of business"

The North Country Gazette News Website makes no mention nor does it link to the original St Pete Times article and yet for some bizarre reason goes crazy when someone links to their supposed original article "Tampa Cigarette Scheme Up In Smoke" .

Sent: Saturday, April 7, 2012 7:57 PM

Whatever articles of mine you have pilfered, remove them immediately. I want you off my website PERMENANTLY. This is excessive, abusive, invasive.

Remove this from your blog  Remove this from your blog.

Well Ms. June Maxam any links to your 'blog' have been removed and the ongoing stories about cigarette smuggling in Tampa are now linked to the original article in the St Pete Times.

The crazy train makes regular stops at the North Country Gazette in Chestertown New York  just outside "Lake Loon" in the heart of Adirondack Mountains and Ms. June Maxam got off with a "jerk", see map CLICK HEREMs. June Maxam lists one address as 408 PO Box, CHESTERTOWN, NY 12817, population 2,187.

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