Friday, April 20, 2012

Nine Petite Blonde Look-Alike Females Have Gone Missing and Nobody Has a Clue, Where Are The FBI Profilers?

Nine Petite Blonde Look-Alike Females Have Gone Missing and Nobody Has a Clue, Where Are The FBI Profilers?  Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Karen Swift, Katelyn Markham, Lauren Spierer, Holly Bobo, Paige Johnson, Crystal Hall, Misty Gwinner are missing, kidnapped or murder cases, all these young women look so much alike and yet law enforcement sees no links?

Four of the girls, Kelli Bordeaux, Lauren Spierer, Holly Bobo and Paige Johnson could pass as sisters, see photo above. The bodies of Karen Swift and Misty Gwinner have been recovered but no suspects have been named, in fact there are no "persons of interest" in all of the nine cases.

So what is going on, Heather Hodges a very petite blonde female goes missing on April 9th, 2012 from Rocky Mount VA near Highway 220.  Kelli Bordeaux a very petite blonde female goes missing and was last known to be on Ramsey Street RTE 401 Fayetteville N.C. near I-295 Highway, see map CLICK HERE

Kelli Bordeaux goes missing on April 14th, 2012 almost exactly one year after petite blonde female Holly Bobo went missing on April 13rh, 2011 in Darden TN.

All of these “missing” females, Heather Hodges, Kelli Bordeaux, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo and Lauren Spierer look-alike with almost identical features, long blonde hair and are in the same age group.
1). Kelli Bordeaux, blonde hair, 5′ 0″ tall and 99 lbs, 23 years old.
2). Paige Johnson, blonde hair, 5′ 1″ tall and 110 lbs, 18 years old.
3). Holly Bobo, blonde hair, 5′ 3″ tall and 110 lbs, 21 years old.
4). Lauren Spierer, blonde hair, 4′ 11″ tall and 95 lbs, 21 years old.
5). Heather Hodges, blonde hair, 5′ 1″ tall and 100 lbs, 22 years old.

1). Heather Hodges………….Monday @ 10:30 pm April 9th, 2012 Rocky Mount VA
2). Kelli Bordeaux ……………Saturday @ 1:30 am April 14th, 2012 Fayetteville N.C.
3). Karen Swift……………..Sunday @ 5:00 am October 30th 2011 Dyersburg TN
4). Katelyn Markham..…….Saturday @ 11:00 pm August 13th 2011 Fairfield OH
5). Lauren Spierer ……..….Friday @ 4:30 am June 3rd 2011 Bloomington IN
6). Holly Bobo ………….…Wednesday @ 7:40 am April 13th 2011 Darden TN
7). Paige Johnson …….…Thursday @ 1:00 am September 23rd 2010 Florence KY
8). Crystal Hall…………….Tuesday March 3rd, 2009, Pikeville KY
9). Misty Gwinner…………Sunday April 3rd, 2005 from truck stop Florence KY

Four girls go missing in the month of April, one in March, one in June, one in August, one in September and one in October… none go missing during the winter months of November, December, January and February.

What are we looking at, who abducted all of these nine petite females, a long haul trucker, somebody working construction who follows jobs across the South East, most likely in both instances you would look for a ex-con with sex charges and a violent criminal history, unfortunately it just stands to reason.

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