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Bruce Mcgregor Davis Enforcer for the Manson Family and Zodiac Killer on Charles Manson's Orders

1974...According to an Asssitant DA for LADA's Office word had it that a male member of the Charles Manson Family was the Zodiac Killer, he was Bruce Davis second in command in thr Manson family.

Bruce Davis has an FBI file and a secret report done by the State Dept in 1970 about his activities in Great Britain, It was requested by the LAPD. he also has a file in CA CII, it is "sealed." California's Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information (CA CII) provides criminal data and identification services to the law enforcement community, applicant regulatory agencies and the public; maintains state summary criminal history information.

Manson Family menber Bruce Mcgregor Davis a white male in 1967 is 5' 6" tall and about 150 lbs he has brown hair, the Wanted Poster above for the ZODIAC was looking for a white male about 5' 8" tall and 150 lbs with brown hair.

In psychiatric reports, brought out in Bruce Davis' parole hearings, Davis claimed his father was verbally abusive to him "almost daily" and he received "several beatings, several times a month" from his father. Bruce Davis also claimed that at the age of 12 he was molested by an "adult friend" but did not tell anyone, and at the age of 13 Bruce Davis was raped by an english teacher, and again told no one, this is the begining life of a serial killer.

Bruce Mcgregor Davis Enforcer for the Manson Family and Zodiac Killer on Charles Mansons's orders, Gee that sure has a well grounded ring to it all.  Bruce Davis is most commonly known for his participation in the serial killings of the Manson Family. For a short time he was considered a prime suspect in the Zodiac killings. At the time of the Zodiac murders he was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and he is indeed a convicted killer. Bruce Davis' involvement with the Charles Manson Family reportedly dates back to early 1967.

The murder in Riverside of Cheri Jo Bates on October 30, 1966 and the murder of Cecilia Shepherd on September 27, 1969 at Lake Berryessa show that the victims were stabbed savagely and repeatedly – the act of a butcher. These murders were similar to the slaying of Charles Manson’s uncle in London and in the Sharon Tate murders – a knife was the weapon of choice by the murderer.

Now consider that when Bruce Davis, a member of the Charles Manson Family, was arrested in Southern California law enforcement found the hood, weapons and other evidence linking Davis to those two murders. He has always remained the top suspect in the London murder, as well. Because the District Attorney in Southern California had an open and shut case on Davis for two unrelated “Zodiac” murders, the DA decided not to raise the issue of the other murders or the Zodiac issue for fear of complicating the case.
1). Oct. 30, 1966 - Riverside, CA - Cheri Jo Bates Murder
2). Dec. 20, 1968 - Lake Herman Rd Vallejo, CA - Betty Lou Jensen & David Faraday
3). July 4, 1969 - Blue Rock Springs - Vallejo, CA -- Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau
4). Sept. 27, 1969 - Lake Berryessa - Napa, CA - Cecile Shepard and Bryan Hartnell
5). Oct. 11, 1969- San Francisco, CA -- Paul Stine CAB DRIVER.
6). Sept. 6, 1970 - South Lake Tahoe, Nev - Donna Lass

The 1997 book MANSON: BEHIND THE SCENES by former Secret Service agent turned Manson expert Bill Nelson, presented the “missing Zodiac letter,” a document allegedly discovered among the possessions of murder victim Doreen Gaul. A young resident of the Church of Scientology house in Los Angeles, Gaul reportedly dated Manson follower Bruce Davis. Gaul and friend James Sharp were abducted, murdered and dumped in a downtown alley on November 21, 1969. The killer or killers had savagely stabbed and beaten both victims.

BISHOP, Calif., Feb. 27. 1970 – A member of the Charles Manson family, Bruce McGregor Davis, 27, faces a preliminary hearing before U.S. Commissioner Boyd Taylor here March 10 following his arraignment on a charge of violating federal firearms laws. Bruce Davis appeared before Taylor Tuesday where he was arraigned on a charge of purchasing a firearm with fictitious identification. Bruce Davis was released before March 22, 1970 which was important as he is a suspect in the Zodiac case. Kathleen Johns was kidnapped by Zodiac March 22,1970. in Central CA.

Bruce Davis is serving two life sentences at California Men’s Colony prison in San Luis Obispo prison for the murder of Gary Hinman on July 25, 1969, and for the murder of Donald "Shorty" Shea sometime between August 16 and September 1, 1969. However, some believe he's responsible for at least one other death.

In 2009, a theory posited by the British Daily Mail March 20 stated that the unsolved 1969 murder of Joel Pugh was a Manson-ordered hit. "Fact: Pugh was an ex-boyfriend of Manson follower Sandra Good," explained Elise Thompson in the LA story. "Fact: Bruce Davis, convicted of killing Gary Hinman for Manson, was in London at the time of Pugh's murder, Bruce Davis was involved in the English satanic society.

The possible link between Zodiac and M (Manson). County District Attorney Frank Fowles said he was very interested because the string of Zodiac killings first came to light in Vallejo, California. “I was deputy district attorney in Solano, County. The sheriff’s investigator in the first Zodiac-Vallejo killings was a good friend of mine.” Zodiac made of his taunting phone calls within line of sight of Frank Fowles office window.

Charles Manson, said Fowles, “came from the Bay Area around the time of Zodiac. There were unsolved murders up in the coastal region up around Mendocino County.” And then there was the connection with the English satanic society, which was active in the Bay Area at the time Manson was there, and other connections that, in the words of Mr. Fowles, “made it worth looking into.”

In June 2010...Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has rejected a recommendation to parole a member of Charles Manson's cult who was convicted of taking part in killings more than four decades ago. Bruce Davis is serving life sentences for two 1969 slayings, although he was not involved in the infamous murders by Manson followers of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles.

The governor in a letter made public on Monday reversed a January decision by the state parole board, saying the murders were "especially heinous." "I believe his release would pose an unreasonable risk of danger to society at this time," he wrote. The governor also questioned whether Bruce Davis is still too willing to follow others' direction, noting his association with the American Nazi Party after he went to prison in 1972.

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