Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Al-Qaida Websites Go Silent As Key Communications Mode of the Terror Group Has Been Purposely Undermined by The “Shut Down Terror Websites Program".

(CNN) -- Key al-Qaida online forums have fallen silent in the past two weeks, leaving terrorism experts to wonder the cause and whether a key communications mode of the terror group and its affiliates has been purposely undermined.

The sites, where al-Qaida posts messages and jihadists and wannabe jihadists post messages and discussions regarding their ideology and loyalty, started disappearing on March 23, said Aaron Y. Zelin, a researcher in the Department of Politics at Brandeis University. The outages were first reported by the Washington Post. No entity has claimed responsibility and U.S. officials contacted by CNN would not comment.

The online al-Qaida ecosystem starts with the different branches of al-Qaida -- like al-Qaida central in Pakistan, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula based in Yemen or al-Qaida in Iraq -- which produce messages through their own media production wings that are distributed by an entity known as al-Fajr Media, which then redistributes them to the various forums.

Five key Al-Qaeda sites, including Ansar al-Mujahidin Arabic Forum and Shamukh al-Islam, both stopped operating on March 23. Another, al-Fida', stopped working on March 25, and two others followed on March 28 and March 30.Two, al-Mujahidin Arabic Forum and Shamukh al-Islam, are back and operating.

The Ansar Al-Mujahideen Arabic forum is where Al-Qaeda goons have been hanging out while their direct line forums are offline thanks to the “shut down terror websites program".  The Ansar Al-Mujahideen Arabic forum, which is where Al-Qaeda goons have been hanging out while their direct line forums are offline thanks to the “shut down terror websites” program.

"SHUT DOWN TERROR WEBSITES PROGRAM".....Begining in January 2008 I was involed in a full court press put on shutting down Al-Qaeda and assorted Jihad websites that are hosted by Web Companies in the USA with the aid of Newspapers and TV Stations that have put America's safety at the forefront.

The full court press on terror websites started with the aid of the Media in Tampa Fl and Howard Altman the "Courts and Cops" Team Leader Editor of The Tampa Tribune. Significant Jihad websites were shut down in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 including the Somalia Al-Shabaab terror website in Vancouver WA and the pro Al-Qaeda Website of Samir Khan in Charlotte NC who was killed in Yemen by a CIA Drone attack along with Anwar Al-Awlaki last year.

Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awlaki were Al-Qaeda heads of Internet propaganda, see Two U.S.-Born Terrorists Killed in CIA-Led Drone Strike. Samir Khan had posted articles and a video in an attempt to "Inspire" someone to kill me, private investigator Bill Warner, see "Return Of The Blog" VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Published Jun 15, 2010 WBTV Charlotte NC News.VIDEO....Shut Down Violent Jihad Website of Samir Khan says PI Bill Warner, CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Published Jun 15, 2010 Tampa News Video....Bill Warner Private Investigator Shuts Down Violent Jihad Websites. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Published Jul 16, 2010.... FOX NEWS VIDEO..Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Shuts Down Al-Qaeda Websites, stops the information flow and recruitment of lone wolf terrorists, CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

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