Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon "Slimm" Martin Killing: Friend Tells ABC News Howls on 911 Tapes Belong to George Zimmerman Not Martin.

Facebook Page; Trayvon "Slimm" Martin went to Miami Carol City High School.  More than 1,000 students walked out of Miami Carol City Senior High Thursday after lunch, chanting for justice for their former schoolmate Trayvon Martin, who was killed last month. Martin, 17, attended the school his freshman and part of his sophomore years.

Saturday March 24, 2012
Matt Gutman and Olivia Katrandjian

A friend of George Zimmerman, the man who shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., told ABC News today that the voice heard howling on the tape of a 911 call was Zimmerman's, not the teen's. The man, a black friend of the family who spoke to Zimmerman tonight, told ABC News that Zimmerman was weeping for days after the shooting, which sparked protests across the country, and he insisted that Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, is not a racist.


"We wanted to come forward because allegations of racism just aren't true. His friends speak highly of him," said attorney Greg Sonner, who has been representing Zimmerman for two weeks. Zimmerman's friend said that the howls heard on the 911 call, which helped galvanize the nation against Zimmerman, in fact belonged to Zimmerman, not Martin. 

 A witness who saw Martin on top of Zimmerman told ABC News the same: the pleas for help were Zimmerman'sPolice have told ABC News that they have Zimmerman's contact information but not his location because he has not been charged with any crime. Sonner said police have been in touch with Zimmerman, and Zimmerman is cooperating with the police.

The Black Panthers have put a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman's capture, and demonstrators across the country, from high school students to celebrities to the entire Miami Heat basketball team, are clamoring for his arrest.


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