Monday, March 19, 2012

Sarasota Herald Tribune Reporter Christopher O'Donnell Trashes British Media Like the Daily Telegraph, Says Claim of Shawn Tyson as Gang Member False.

In the fairy tale world of Herald Tribune Reporter Christopher O'Donnell all is well in upscale Sarasota Fl, nothing to worry about, crime is under control and the all-clear sign is out for tourists, yep that's true, just don't go near Newtown.

Mr. O'Donnell needs a reality check, maybe he should ride with the Sarasota cops who patrol Newtown for just one night to get a taste of what is really going on, or maybe he could go with me when I have to do surveillance on a bogus workers comp case and sit in my car with me for 3 to 4 hours near N. Orange and MLK Blvd while lookouts on bikes tip off the neighborhood that there is a UC car nearby, sure you would.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE March 18th, 2012, Tyson trial fodder for British tabloids. By Christopher O'Donnell Staff Reporter....'Gunned down in the Ghetto" screamed one British tabloid headline following the slaying last year of British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris in Sarasota. In the aftermath of the murders of the two British tourists, less credible British media ran stories based on speculation that were untrue or unproven, and had reporters here scratching their heads in exasperation. The Daily Express reported that the two tourists were on a "ghetto tour." Other newspapers reported that Tyson, the 16-year-old charged in the murders, was a gang member, a claim that police reports have not verified. Even the respected The Daily Telegraph ran a story under the headline "Britons shot in Florida killed as part of 'gang initiation.'" Reading the story, it is clear the headline was pure speculation.

April 24th, 2011...Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Quoted In Sunday Telegraph News and Sunday Express On Brits Murder Suspect Shawn Tyson’s Link to Newtown Gang.  The teenage gunman, Shawn Tyson, charged with murdering two British tourists in Florida is linked to a notorious street gang that terrorized the Sarasota Newtown neighborhood for two years.  Now it has emerged that the tattoo, Young Savage, emblazoned on his chest links him to the feared “enforcer” of the Second Line gang, responsible for a string of robberies and murders in the Newtown district that includes The Courts. The Sunday Telegraph has established that the same words,Young Savage, are inked on the forearm of DeAndre Tunstall, jailed for murder in November after a police crackdown on the gang’s leadership.

Mr. O'Donnell, "if it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck".  Shawn Tyson And His Gang had Been Terrorizing Newtown for Months With Handguns Prior to Killing The Two Brit “Crackers” Says Witness.  Court documents reveal that a 2nd witness came forward on April 27, 2011 and provided details into the activity of Shawn Tyson and his three member gang since the latter part of Feb 2011 in Newtown and the activities of Shawn Tyson’s gang pals on the afternoon of Saturday April 16th, the exact same day the two Brits were murdered.

It appears the Shawn Tyson and his gang had been threatening another black male who had recently moved into the Newtown section since Feb 2011. This black male, who we will call cooperating witness (CW) claims that Shawn Tyson and his gang had been terrorizing the central Newtown community for several months and when he confronted then one day in Feb., Shawn Tyson and his 3 pals all pulled handguns out of their pants and pointed them at him saying “we will kill you fxxx niggers“, CW walked away, SEE REPORT BELOW FOR WORDING.
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The CW reported to the Sarasota Police that he and Shawn Tyson and his gang members had a feud because they were all interested in some local girls since the CW moved to the Newtown area. It should be noted that the CW was able to positively identify Shawn Tyson and the 3 black males after viewing photo line-ups that were provided by Sarasota police detectives, SEE REPORT BELOW.
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In the early part of March 2011 the CW states that he was walking on North Orange Ave near 24th Street where Shawn Tyson and his gang members were standing, when the CW looked in their direction he could see that Shawn Tyson and his 3 gang members were all pointing handguns in his direction and yelling, “kill your motherfxxxing ass right now“, CW walked away. 

On the afternoon of April 16th, 2011, the same day Brits James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, were murdered in The Courts Newtown, CW was walking northbound on Palmadelia Ave, two of Shawn Tyson’s goons were standing in the backyard of a neighboring house, CW heard them say “there goes that pussy nigger right there. Man what do you wanna do, do you want to get this nigger right now? SEE REPORT ABOVE FOR WORDING.

CW told the pair he was not going to fight them, and then the two goons lifted their shirts and grabbed the handles of pistols that were in the waistbands of their pants and told the CW he was going to “end up like them two dead crackers“.
According to the CW Shawn Tyson’s goons statement “end up like them two dead crackers“ was referring to Brits James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, that had been murdered just hours before the same day. Detective Todd of the Sarasota police department showed CW a photo line-up that contained one of the “goons”, CW was able to immediately identify the “goons” in the line-up, “LIFE IN THE NEWTOWN HOOD”.

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