Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Occupy Zuccotti Park “We Wont Make A Difference If We Dont Kill a Cop or 2”, While Occupy Sarasota Chris Young to Get Big Payday.

The Occupy Movements sole purpose, since inception, is to confront and engage law enforcement in public parks nationwide in order to gain media attention for their cause to change Big Government, which they have yet to reveal how they are going to do such.

SEE NY Daily News March 19th, 2012..NYPD investigating apparent Occupy Wall St. protester's online threat. Police are investigating an Occupy Wall Street sympathizer’s online threat to kill cops. A man with the Twitter handle “smackema1” tweeted this message at 11:39 p.m. Saturday, following a clash at Zuccotti Park — “we wont make a difference if we don't kill a cop or 2.”The tweet was directed to a page on Ustream showing live footage of the protests. 

Cops are also pursuing phone threats to two cops and their families made Saturday, officials said. The activists released video Sunday showing protester Cecily McMillan, 23, suffering a seizure after her arrest. In a counter-video released by police, McMillan is seen elbowing her arresting officer in the face.  She was treated at New York Downtown Hospital and released into police custody, cops said, and charged with assault on a police officer then taken to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation (Occupy Movement the Lunatic Fringe).

Her arresting officer suffered a cut to the eye but refused medical attention, police said. A second protester, Daniel Murphy, 25, of Palo Verde, Cal., was also charged with assault on a police officer, officials said.

Occupy Sarasota Protester Chris Young has been arrested multiple times, never once was he charged with resisting arrest, he knows the drill, and he knows it just adds charges, so why this time in Sarasota on Saturday 2/25/2012 ?

I have been contacted by two business owners in the Five Points Park Sarasota area and they have told me Chris Young had planned to get arrested for the Occupy Movement and he told them he would resort to violence if needed. Did Chris Young provoke the SPD Officer into arresting him, knowing he could make a Civil Rights case out of it?

I have also received information from two other business owners who have knowledge associated with a bank that handles the City of Sarasota account and it appears that Chris Young will get a "settlement" or go away money of $$$$$$ SIX FIGURES for his "false arrest and the so-called abuse of his civil rights", can you say "Set Up" because that is exactly what the Sarasota Police and the City of Sarasota have been.

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