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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Do Karen Swift and Holly Bobo Link to Rapist Terry Britt, Cops Search For Clues in Bobo Case Near Dottie's Convenience Store and Old Cemeteries, See Map.

March 2nd, DYER COUNTY, TN - (WMC-TV) - The Shelby County Medical Examiner's office has completed the autopsy of Karen Swift, the West Tennessee mother who was missing for six weeks. The cause of death has been determined, but they said they are not authorized to release the document or any information inside. Swift went missing in late October of last year (10/30/2011). She was last seen leaving a Halloween party. Her car was found abandoned with one flat tire on the side of the road less than a half-mile from her house.

Weeks of intense searching followed, until December 10, 2011 when her body was discovered just a few miles away off Harness Road. Swift's body was found near Bledsoe cemetery. Investigators said they believe Swift was murdered and her body was dumped into a patch of withering kudzu. Otherwise, they have kept a tight lid on the case, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

Feb. 27th, DECATUR COUNTY, TN - (WMC-TV) – Reinforcements have been called in to search for Holly Bobo. Investigators on horseback spent the weekend looking for the missing Mid-South nursing student. The search happened over a three day period over the weekend with help from a sheriff in Alabama. His mounted unit was part of what neighbors said was a very large search.

The renewed search for Bobo, who's been missing since April 2011l happened over the weekend in Decatur County, not too far from Holly Bobo's home in Darden. People who work at Dottie's Convenience store say there were at least 100 people searching and many of them were on horseback.

"We was asking if they were here searching and they said they couldn't disclose that information and stuff and they wouldn't really tell us much," said Kayla Hatley, a clerk at the store. However, Hatley said one person finally did confirm that the search was for Holly Bobo, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

Dottie's Convenience Store aka Dottie's BP Station and Dottie's Marine appears to be at 13489 Highway 641 N Holladay, TN, which is just north of Parsons and Darden TN where Holly Bobo was kidnapped. Dottie's Convenience Store aka Dottie's Marine is situated near I-40 see map CLICK HERE, take exit 126 South .

See Dottie's Convenience store aka Dottie's BP Station and Dottie's Marine website

Dottie's Convenience Store is also very near to some old cemeteries, see map CLICK HERE, just like in the Karen Swift case. So what is this all about, cops know how Karen Swift was murdered and dumped near a cemetery in DYER COUNTY, TN but won't reveal the details, while cops are back out on horseback searching for clues about Holly Bobo in DECATUR COUNTY, TN near Dottie's Convenience store.

BUT THEN...Local officials with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said a search in Decatur County this weekend did not lead to new evidence in the case of missing student Holly Bobo.  Special Agent in Charge John Mehr said Sheriff Jimmy Harris in DeKalb County, Ala. sent out incorrect information in a press release about evidence being found by his mounted search team and he was supposed to send out a correction today.

Get your stories straight boys, what is real and unreal here and what are cops holding back on, something is going on here, are the cases of Karen Swift and Holly Bobo connected?
Does Arrest of Mad Dog Rapist Terry L. Britt Link to the Murder of Karen Swift And The Kidnapping of Holly Bobo in Tennessee?  Terry Britt's last known address of 3138 Jeanette Holladay Rd Parsons TN is just a few miles from Dottie's Convenience Store at 13489 Highway 641 N Holladay TN where cops had been searching for clues in the Holly Bobo case, see map CLICK HERE, that's very interesting.

Terry Lee Britt DOB 1/26/1959, age 53, has been arrested in Parsons TN, Britt is currently in the Madison County Sheriff’s Department’s jail. Last known address for Terry Britt was 3138 Jeanette Holladay Rd Parsons TN, drivers license number 58584142. Terry L. Britt prior arrests and convictions include a 07/29/1995 RAPE, a 08/01/1986 SEXUAL BATTERY and a 06/30/1977 RAPE.

Terry L. Briit had two vehicles registered in TN, a red 1993 Dodge Caravan with tag number 223-CBK and a black 1994 Dodge Dakota pick up with tag number 162-CBL

A Madison County grand jury indicted 53-year-old Terry Britt on charges of sexual battery, attempted rape and two counts of aggravated kidnapping. He’s been on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry since 1977.

Britt is accused of picking up women in vans and taking them somewhere to assault them. Investigators believe Terry Britt was working with another person to assault women (who would that be). Terry Britt lives in Parsons, Tennessee, the same town Holly Bobo did.

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