Monday, February 06, 2012

New Orleans Officials Consider Strict Youth Curfew To Combat 'Culture of Death', Newtown Section of Sarasota Fl Needs One Too.

NEW ORLEANS – Officials in New Orleans are considering tightening a youth curfew in the latest attempt to fight crime in a city with the nation's highest murder rate and what its mayor has called "a culture of death."

The city council is scheduled to vote later this month on whether to expand a recently strengthened curfew in the French Quarter and a nearby tourist area to the whole city. Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas and other community leaders back the plan.

Curfew rules in effect since mid-January in the French Quarter and nearby tourist district require all those 16 and under to be off the streets by 8:00pm every day rather than merely on school nights, as was previously required.

New Orleans' murder rate has citizens rattled. Last year, 199 people were killed in the city of 344,000 -- a 14 percent increase over the year before. That comes as the national murder rate continues to drop and puts the city's rate at 10 times the national average...MORE FROM THIS SOURCE
More Shootings In Newtown, Time for Sarasota To Impose a Curfew On Newtown Thugs Before We Have Dead Cops Laying In the Streets.  What has to happen before Sarasota city, county and/or state officals take action to curb gang violence in Newtown?

Does Sarasota need dead cops laying in the streets like in St Pete and Tampa murdered by black gang members, see link CLICK HERE, before someone gets off their butt and clamps down on all the illicit street activity in Newtown?

Since April 16th, 2011 when the two British Tourists were slaughterd in "The Courts" section of Newtown by what appears to be thug Shawn Tyson and one of his gang members, there has been drive by shootings with an AK-47, armed car jackings, armed robberies, drug dealers threatening residents with a shotgun (in broad daylight), nine dead bodies and during the reign of terror one Newtown resident answered his door and was shot by a man dressed all in black and "Nobody Knows Nuttin", No Snitchin in Newtown.

NEWTOWN NEEDS A CURFEW: A curfew is an order specifying a time after which certain regulations apply. An order by a government (SARASOTA) for certain persons to return home daily before a certain time, It can be imposed to maintain public order or suppress targeted groups (gangs), Newtown has become a shooting gallery.

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