Monday, February 20, 2012

Lifetime's PI Moms and Sex Decoy Boss Chris Butler Busted for Peddling Drugs and Running a Brothel to Finance the PI Reality Show.

DAILY MAIL UK....They were the no nonsense soccer moms busting crimes from insurance scams to cheating husbands - and the stars of a popular reality TV show.But now the women behind Lifetime's P. I. Moms have spoken out about the man at their firm's helm - a former cop who forced his employees to kiss men to prove they were cheaters, and who was later accused of peddling drugs and running a brothel.  

TV personality Dr. Phil, who featured Butler and four of the female investigators on his daytime show, added that he had been uncomfortable with the way Butler ran his business.    He said: 'One of the P.I. Mom operatives was in a very romantic situation with the target. And I kept saying, "Wow, are there boundaries to your scope of employment? Because things are getting pretty rich up on the balcony here."

'[Situations] that to me seemed to go beyond the pale. It's like, "is this OK with you? Is it OK with your husband?" This wouldn't be OK with me. And it's, "Well, you know, you do what you gotta do."'

Chris Butler, who was a police officer for ten years before becoming an investigator in San Fransisco, California, employed the women because of their ability to multitask and listen, he claimed.  According to his acquaintances who spoke to 48 Hours Mystery, Butler revelled in the recognition his idea received, including nationwide media coverage, a reality TV show and interviews on Dr. Phil.

But in 2010, local reporter Peter Crooks received numerous tip offs that Butler had staged many of the 'crimes' like the dirty DUI's caper. The informer also revealed Butler was working with the county's top narcotics officer to push drugs back onto the streets and was running a brothel, claiming it was to bust the men who visited it, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

All of the funds from the illicit activity, peddling drugs and running a brothel, were used to finance the phony set-ups with actors and sex decoys to make private investigator Chris Butler's PI Moms "reality show" on Lifetime more exciting, apparently the real PI Moms were not aware of the set ups with the paid SEX DECOYS, who knows?

I posted a article back on June 15, 2009, SEX DECOY LOVE STINGS PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS FOX REALITY SHOW, TRAILER TRASH WITH A BADGE IS CANCELED.  The content of the “Sex Decoy Love Stings reality show” was pure trailer trash with a badge, exaggerated situations, set up “stings” with so-called private investigators entrapping their clients boyfriends with the stripper daughters of the madam PI boss Sandra Hope, absolutely unbelievable, see NY Post review and pic CLICK HERE, This is a family business,” says Sandra on the first episode.” Oh, and did we mention that two of the three daughters are strippers?

No attorney would ever get involved with a pending divorce and/or child custody case and use such “evidence’ as collected by madam PI boss Sandra Hope, it would never be used in any court of law in any of the 50 USA States.

Back in November 2008 a TV producer in Los Angeles CA called me, PI Bill Warner, and said she was interested in doing a “reality show” about private investigators.  At the time I told her that I did not see how you could do a reality show about private investigators since all the clients (of any private investigator) do not want to be identified and I never pursued the PI reality show with her, now you see what you get with SEX DECOY LOVE STINGS PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS.

In the summer of 2011 two different Reality TV production companies contacted me, PI Bill Warner, about doing a "Private Eye Reality TV Show", Nola Productions in New York City and Koops Productions Inc in Los Angeles which would have included a $12,500 fee per episode, needless to say all the bad press about PI Moms last year killed those offers.  Dirtbags like PI Chris Butler, who acts as if he is above the law, make it difficult for legitimate private investigators to make a living.

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