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Is an 'Organized Sexual Psychopath" Linked to Missing, Kidnapped and Murdered Petite Blond Females Like Karen Swift in TN and others in KY, OH and IND?

Karen Swift, a petitie blond attractive female, went missing on October 30th 2011, her body was found on December 10th along side a dirt road leading up to an old Cemetery in Dyersburg TN.  There does not appear to be any suspects in the Karen Swift murder, nor has there been any "official" release of her cause of death, two months later. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012, Dyersburg State Gazette....The body of Karen Swift has been released from the Shelby County Medical Examiner's Office and Dyer County Sheriff's investigators are awaiting the coroner's final report.  Swift's body was released to her family and was taken to McNabb Funeral Home in Pocahontas, Ark., where Swift is originally from. The visitation will be Friday, Feb. 10, from 5 - 8 at the funeral home and the funeral service will be held at 1 p.m. at the Church of God in Pocahontas.

I'm not a homicide detective nor am I a medical examiner, I deal with missing person cases and have for the last 17 years, the Karen Swift murder investigation has gone 60 days without a cause of death, this is extreme.

The Organized Sexual Psychopath Serial Killer, his traits, antisocial personality, and sexual sadism as revealed by Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S. Former Commander, Bronx Homicide, NYPD, New York NY.

The author, Vernon J. Geberth, compiled the most current listing of serial murderers within the United States using the following operational definition: three or more separate murder events with an emotional cooling-off period between the homicides. The base population was 387 serial murderers, who killed (under various motivations), three or more persons over a period of time with cooling-off periods between the events.

The author identified 232 male serial murderers who violated their victims sexually. The author employed a case history evaluation protocol based upon the DSM-IV criteria of Antisocial Personality Disorder (301.7) and Sexual Sadism (302.84) to examine the population of 232 serial killers, who had violated their victims sexually.

In the author's experience, most serial killers are classified as "organized offenders." The organized offender is usually above average in intelligence. He is methodical and cunning. His crime is well thought out and carefully planned. He is likely to own a car which is in good condition. The crime is usually committed away from his area of residence or work. He is mobile and travels many more miles than the average person.

Fantasy and ritual are important to the organized type offender. He selects a victim, which he considers the "right" type, (young petite blond females), someone he can control either through manipulation or strength, usually a stranger. "He could be a large man, 5"10" tall and 200 lbs and over, skilled in weapons and self defense like the martial arts."

Most of his victims will share specific traits, such as blond hair color, young age, light skin color and petite size. He is considered socially adept. He uses his verbal skills to manipulate his victims and gain control over them until he has them within his "comfort zone." The organized killer is fully cognizant of the criminality of his act and takes pride in his ability to thwart the police investigation.

February 2nd, 2012....Does Arrest of Mad Dog Rapist Terry L. Britt Link to the Murder of Karen Swift And The Kidnapping of Holly Bobo in Tennessee?  Terry Lee Britt DOB 1/26/1959, age 53, 5' 10 tall and 200 lbs, has been arrested in Parsons TN, Britt is currently in the Madison County Sheriff’s Department’s jail. Terry L. Britt prior arrests and convictions include a 07/29/1995 RAPE,  a 08/01/1986 SEXUAL BATTERY and a 06/30/1977 RAPE.  Britt is accused of picking up women in vans and taking them somewhere to assault them. Investigators believe Terry Britt was working with another person to assault women (who would that be). Terry Britt fits the profile of a Organized Sexual Psychopath.

The Organized Sexual Psychopath Serial Killeris likely to follow news reports of his crimes and will oftentimes take a "souvenir" from his victim as a reminder, that may be used to relive the event or augment the fantasy surrounding the killing. For the organized offender the souvenir constitutes a "trophy." He is excited by the cruelty of the act and may engage in torturing the victim. Sexual control of the victim plays an important part in this scenario.

The organized offender usually brings his own weapon to the crime scene and avoids leaving evidence behind. He is familiar with police procedures. The body is often removed from the crime scene, as in the Karen Swift case in Dyersburg TN. He may do this to "taunt" the police by leaving the corpse in plain public viewKaren Swift was left in a thicket of weeds along side a road that entered an old cemetery.

According to the DSM-IV, the essential feature of the antisocial personality disorder is to be found in patterns of irresponsible and antisocial behaviors beginning in childhood or early adolescence and continuing into adulthood. Lying, stealing, truancy, vandalism, initiating fights, running away from home, and physical cruelty (torture small animals) are typical childhood signs.

In adulthood the antisocial pattern continues and may include failure to honor financial obligations, maintain consistent employment, or plan ahead. These individuals fail to conform to social norms and repeatedly engage in antisocial behaviors that are grounds for arrest, such as destroying property, harassing others, and stealing. Often these antisocial acts are committed with no seeming necessity. People with antisocial personality disorder tend toward irritability and aggressivity, and often become involved in physical fights and assaults, including spouse and child beating.

Reckless behavior without regard for personal safety is common, as indicated by driving while intoxicated or getting numerous speeding tickets. Frequently these individuals are promiscuous, failing to sustain a monogamous relationship for more than one year (tend to have multiple marriages and divorces). They do not appear to learn from past experiences in that they tend to resume the same kinds of antisocial behaviors they were punishment for. Finally, they seem to lack feelings of remorse about the effects of their behavior on others. On the contrary, they may feel justified in having violated the rights of others.

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