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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Four Hurlburt Florida Airmen Killed When U-28A Surveillance Spy Plane Goes Down in Somalia Africa.

US SPY PLANE GOES DOWN IN SOMALIA AFRICA. Let's see how long it takes the Al-Shabaab terror group (aligned with Al-Qaeda) to claim they shot down the U-28A spy plane and publish it on the Somali Memo website

UPDATE...The Al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia have published a story on the Somali Memo website about the U-28A plane going down and the four Hurlburt AFB men killed, Insha alah alaahu akbar God is Great, see link CLICK HERE

The Al-Shabaab terror group uses the Somali Memo website to post their articles, like above, the Somali Memeo website is hosted in the USA by, see Inc, One Broadway, 14th Floor, Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142, USA.

HURLBURT FIELD FLORIDA — Four Hurlburt Field airmen died Saturday when their plane went down just a few miles short of the remote African military base at which they were stationed. Capt. Ryan P. Hall, Capt. Nicholas S. Whitlock, 1st Lt. Justin J. Wilkens and Senior Airman Julian S. Scholten comprised the crew of the U-28A troop support aircraft that went down about 8 p.m. Africa time, according to Col. Jim Slife, the 1st Special Operations Wing commander at Hurlburt. “They were less than 12 miles from base,” Slife said at a news conference Monday afternoon. “They had completed their mission and were on their way back.”

The four men were the first to die in a plane wreck involving the U-28A, a single-engine aircraft modified for the U.S. Air Force to use in surveillance and intelligence gathering, Slife said. “There is not a particular history of this aircraft being accident prone,” he said. 

The U-28A was returning from a mission in support of OPERATION Enduring Freedom. The U-28A is a manned, fixed wing aircraft developed around the Pilatus PC-12 airframe. Its crews work in conjunction with other aircraft to provide surveillance and reconnaissance to special operations forces on the ground (SOMALIA AL-SHABAAB).

Camp Lemonnier has become increasingly important to U.S. troops as they adjust to smaller troop responses to hotspots in Africa (SOMALIA) and the Middle East, according to the New York Times website. It was from Camp Lemonnier, the Times piece states, that a recent commando raid was launched that resulted in the freeing of two aid workers being held in Somalia.

BBC WORLD Online reports that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is quietly ramping up its unmaned Drone attacks on Islamists in and around the Horn of Africa, essentially meaning Somalia and Yemen. Dirtbag Al-Qaeda webmaster Samir Khan, out of Charlotte NC, was killed in Yemen by a CIA-DOD Hellfire Droen attack last year.  CIA began to conduct drone strikes in the region, notably killing the al-Qaeda leader in Yemen, Abu Ali Al-Harithi, in November 2002.

Samir Khan: Dead American Blogger, Tanzeem-e-Islami Fan and Al Qaeda Propagandist Who tried to Get Me Killed, Whose Laughing Now Dirtball.  Samir Khan, was an Al-Qaeda operative and working directly under ANWAR AL-AWLAKI, he has been blown to bits along with his mentor Anwar Al-Awlaki in a Yemen drone attack orchestrated by the CIA and the DOD out of Djibouti..Camp Lemonier on September 30th, 2011. 

Africa Command Bases Around Somalia, the U-28A surveillance plane went down 12 miles from Camp Lemonnier which would put the plane in Al-Shabaab controlled Somalia, see map above;
1. Djibouti..Camp Lemonier, headquarters of CJTF-HOA, sits in an old French Foreign Legion post. Current home to more than fifteen hundred U.S. troops as well as a special-operations unit, Lemonier is the likely model for how Africa Command will grow across the continent over the next couple of years.
2. African Union..The U.S. has a special ambassador to the A.U., which is headquartered in Addis Ababa, and CJTF-HOA quietly advises the A.U. on its military operations. The A.U. plans five standing brigades, one for each of Africa's major regions.
3. Kinetics..In January, American AC-130 gunships, working with invading Ethiopian troops, bombed the leaders of the Somali Council of Islamic Courts, foreign fighters, and Al Qaeda operatives who fled Mogadishu to Kenya's isolated border. Task Force 88, a U.S. special-operations unit, supported the operation.
4. Downrange Bases..The Djibouti headquarters oversees three "downrange" mini-bases, known as Contingency Operating Locations -- Hurso and Bilate in Ethiopia and Manda Bay in Kenya.
5. Manda Bay.. The downrange bases are situated within existing Ethiopian and Kenyan military bases. Emphasis is on civil affairs -- building schools and immunizing kids -- but can easily accommodate special ops, too.

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