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Bloomington Ex-Con Sex Offender Preferred Young Petite Blond Females Like Lauren Spierer, Sex Offender Worked Next Door to Kilroy's Sports Bar.

From background information obtained today it appears that Bloomington registered sex offender Mark X, before he went off the deep end and before he was convicted of sex crimes, had always dated petite young white females with long blond hair who looked like Lauren Spierer.  It has also been revealed that Mark X had become increasingly violent with his blond girlfriends as his drinking escalated. Apparently Mark X, in his mid 50's, had attended Indiana Universtity in the mid 1970's and is very familiar with Bloomington.

I have no knowledge of any direct connections of sex offender Mark X to the disappearence of IU student Lauren Spierer, following are the facts of the Spierer case as reported by the Bloomington Police Department and information on Mark X as per the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Sex Offender Database,, it is what it is.

Mark X has been described to me as a smooth talking womanizer with loads of girlfriends before he gained his prison pounds, Mark X went into the Indiana prison system on two occasions for sex related crimes. Mark X was working at  the Bloomington Taco Bell right next door to Kilroy’s Sports Bar where Lauren Spierer had been drinking in the early morn of June 3rd. The Taco Bell on N. Walnut St is a 3 min walk to Lauren Spierer's apartment complex, see map CLICK HERE.

Mark X went into the Indiana prison system on May 1st, 1999 he was finally released on January 17th, 2010, upon release he was working near the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS at 455 N. College Ave (see map CLICK HERE) for almost 15 months before Lauren Spierer disappeared on June 3rd, 2011 at about 4:30 am.

As per the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Sex Offender Database,, on June 3rd 2011 Mark X had been employed at the Taco Bell 309 North Walnut Street which is right next door to Kilroy’s Sports Bar 319 North Walnut Street.

Lauren Spierer had been drinking at Kilroy’s Sports Bar in the early morning hours of Friday June 3rd 2011, see map CLICK HERE.  Bloomington Police have said Lauren Spierer was intoxicated that morning of June 3rd.

The Taco Bell at 309 N. Walnut St Bloomington IN is open till 2:00 am on Thursdays and 4:00 am on Fridays, they cater to the late night IU college crowd, the Taco Bell was just closing down when Lauren Spierer came out of Kilroy's Sports bar next door at 2:27 am. 

Bloomington Police released the timeline of Lauren Spierer’s whereabouts from surveillance cameras early Friday morning June 3rd, 2011;
"At 1:46 am Lauren entered Kilroy's, exited at 2:27 am
"At 2:30 entered Smallwood, exited at 2:40 am"
"Lauren entered north/south alley at 2:48 am"
"Lauren exited the alley at 2:51 am"
"Lauren visited an apartment on W. 11th street (11th and Morton)."
"Lauren’s final location was seen at 11th and College at approx. 4:30 am", heading south on College Ave.

PERSON WHO KIDNAPPED LAUREN SPIERER KNEW WHERE SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ARE LOCATED; The person who kidnapped Lauren Spierer would have had to been very familiar with where surveillance cameras are located in the area near Kilroy's Sports Bar and SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS at 455 N. College Ave.  About the only place where multiple surveillance cameras are not located is the corner sidewalk area and alley at 575 College Ave heading south about 1/2 block from Smallwood Apt.  

The alley, seen in photo above, is just south of E. 10th Street on College Ave, it is where Lauren Spierer's keys where found, see map CLICK HERE. The sidewalk area near the alley has large trees (in full bloom June 3rd) on College Ave that would block the view of cameras up the street, there is also a 6 foot privacy fence that runs the full lenght of the alley on the south side, this location would be the ideal "blind spot" to hide a car or van and snatch someone off the street as they walked by. The 24 hour Waffle House is directly across the street on the corner of E. 10th Street and College ave.

Sex Offender Mark X, age mid 50's, convictions and prison time.
1). Date of Sentence 05/14/1999
Term in Years / Months / Days.... 05 years
Type of Conviction- Felony Conviction
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-4-3
Cause Number 49G1-9708-CF-650
County of Conviction MARION
Projected Release Date 03/02/2004

2). Date of Sentence 09/29/2008
Term in Years / Months / Days ....04 years
Type of Conviction- Felony Conviction
Indiana Citation Code 11-8-8-17
Cause Number 53C02-083-FC-009
County of Conviction MONROE
Actual early release date 1/17/2010

There are no coincidences in kidnapping cases, it is what it is, kidnappers, especially sex offenders WHO ALWAYS RE-OFFEND, plan out their abductions, they do surveillance on their victims, they know their habits, they know where the victim lives, eats and drinks and when the time is right they strike.

There were also two ex-con registered sex offenders working at the  24 hour Waffle House on College Ave across the street from the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS which would have been the only place open at 4:30 am on June 3rd, 2011. See Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Sex Offender Database for more info at this link

Last known address for sex offender Mark X is 4700 block of E. State Road 45 Bloomington IN.  The E. State Road 45 Bloomington address is an extension of E. 10th Street, you go from SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS at 455 N. College Ave around to Morton St (or from the alley) up to E. 10th Street turn right and continue on E. 10th Street until it becomes E State Road 45.  It is a 10 min drive from the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS to the rural E State Rd 45 location.  Was the 4700 block of E. State Road 45 Bloomington one of the areas searched for Lauren Spierer. 

Let’s get real here, Lauren Spierer is a very, very young looking 21 year old with blond hair and blue eyes, at 4′ 11″ tall and 98 lbs she looks like a 13 year old or even younger and fits the profile for a sex offender who targets petite young females with blond hair and who just might be working in her neighborhood.

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