Monday, February 27, 2012

Al-Shabaab Terrorists Says They Will Hand Somalia Over To Al-Qaeda on Website "Jihad Will be Redoubled".

POSTED ON THE JIHAD TERROR WEBSITE ..... MOGADISHU (Sh. M. Network)- The islamist militant group of Al-shabaab said on Sunday it will hand Somalia over to Al-Qaeda as to expand their operations against the UN-backed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia. Al-shabaab spokesman Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage told a militant controlled Radio station in Elasha-Biyaha that the insurgents are committed to extend reach Al-Qaeda into all Somalia’s regions and territory.

'The jihad (holy war) will be redoubled in Somalia as whole to overthrow TFG and its regional administrations in central and north east of the country,' Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, Al Shabaab's spokesman, told pro-militant Radio. Al-shabab has merged officially at the beginning of this month with Al-Qaeda after an announcement made by both Al-shabab and Al-Qaeda leader via video message through internet forum 

This move comes as An Islamist militia group in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region has merged on Saturday with the al Shabaab fighters. The officials of Somali government were not immediately available for comment.

Somali Terrorists Warn of Reprisals on British and US Streets, I First Told You About the Al-Shabaab Threat On   On Thursday Feb. 23rd 2012 I told you about how the AL-SHABAAB WEBSITE posted a threat to all Western countires that try to intervene in Somalia. London Conference Backs Somalia Terror Fight Clinton Says Keep Al-Shabaab “On The Run”, Al-Shabaab Responds On Website “Go To Hell We Fight To Death Christian-Zionist Crusade”.

AL-SHABAAB STATEMENT…We now stand more defiant, more stronger and more determined in the face of this imperialistic campaign. We will not, at any point in time, compromise on our beliefs and our goals of establishing governance according to Islamic Shari’ah in our country in preparation for the imminent Islamic Khilaafa and we will wage war against the Western crusade until the Truth of Tawheed emerges triumphant over the falsehood of the Christian-Zionist Crusade.

Abu yaasir said ….UK needs more like 7.7, (LONDON BOMBING 7/7/2005) with large-scale, if they dont stop colonizing muslims countries. And that is a clear massage from the mujahideen, “you stop killing us, we will stop killing you”. SEE LINK
BOTH OF THE JIHAD WEBSITES... and are hosted in the USA by American companies. The Al-Shabaab terror group uses the SomaliMemo website to post their articles, like above, the SomaliMemeo website is hosted in the USA by, see Inc, One Broadway, 14th Floor, Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142.

Dotster Domain Registration and Website Hosting Company Continues to Promote Al-Qaeda Websites in the USA That Recruit Lone Wolf Terrorists and Suicide Bombers. Why isn’t the DHS monitoring these jihadist websites. Dotster Domain Registration and Website Hosting in Vancouver WA, fronts for Al-Qaeda jihad website Ansar Al-Mujahideen  that recruits lone wolf terrorists.
The Ansar al-Mujahideen forum “is a popular, internationally-known, Islamic extremist web forum used by its members to translate, promote, and distribute jihadist propaganda, as well as a means to communicate with other like-minded extremists,” see their website  

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