Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Al-Shabaab Publish Article On SomaliMemo Website About American U-28A Plane Going Down After Combat Mission in Somalia.

4 Hurlburt Field Fl airmen die in crash in Africa during combat mission in Somalia. The U-28A aircraft the airmen were aboard crashed Saturday. 2/18/2012, near Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, they were on a combat mission in Somalia. The men were returning from a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, according to a Hurlburt Field Florida news release and were 12 miles out when the plane went down...there is no known cause for the plane crash as of yet. The U-28A Recon Spy Plane has a maximum cruise speed of 270 knots or 310 miles per hour (MPH) and a maximum ceiling of 30,000 feet. The U-28A Recon Spy Plane can land on dirt or grass strips, it is not a high speed plane nor does it need paved runways. 

On 18 February 2012, at approximately 1918 local time (L), a United States Air Force U-28A aircraft, tail number 07-0736, crashed five nautical miles (NM) southwest of Ambouli International Airport, Djibouti. This aircraft was assigned to the 34th Special Operations Squadron, lst Special Operations Wing, Hurlburt Field, FL, and deployed to the 34th Expeditionary Special Operations Squadron, Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti. The aircraft was destroyed and all four aircrew members died instantly upon impact. The mishap aircraft (MA) departed Ambouli International Airport, Djibouti at 13571, to accomplish a combat mission (Somalia) in support of a Combined Joint Task Force. The MC completed their mission in their Area of Responsibility (Somalia) and returned to Djiboutian airspace at 18521. The MA approached the airfield from the South (Somalia) at 10,000 feet (ft) mean sea level (MSL) for systems checks. 
Camp Lemonnier DJIBOUTI AFRICA, CJTF-HOA Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa conducts operations in the Combined Joint Operations in Somalia and Yemen, run by CENTCON Tampa Fl. As the only U.S. military installation in Africa, Camp Lemonnier enables Special Forces operations in the Horn of Africa, (Somalia). After the 2001 terror attacks, the U.S. began to expand anti-terrorism efforts in the region. As a result, it established the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa. Today, Camp Lemonnier is home to CJTF-HOA and 23 tenant commands. Camp Lemonnier provides, operates and sustains superior service in support of combat readiness and security of ships, aircraft, detachments and personnel for regional and combatant command requirements; and enables operations in the Horn of Africa (Somalia) while fostering positive U.S.-African Nation relations. Camp Lemonnier is a U.S. Navy led installation (Navy SEALSs) operated by Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia via U.S. Naval Forces Africa and Commander, Navy Installations Command. The Camp supports approximately 4,000 U.S., joint and allied forces military and civilian personnel and U.S. Department of Defense contractors (CIA-Delta Special Ops).

The Al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia have published a story on the SomaliMemo website about the U-28A plane going down and the four Hurlburt AFB men killed, Insha alah alaahu akbar God is Great, see link CLICK HERE. US SPY PLANE GOES DOWN IN SOMALIA AFRICA. Let’s see how long it takes the Al-Shabaab terror group (aligned with Al-Qaeda) to claim they shot down the U-28A spy plane and publish it on the Somali Memo website The Al-Shabaab terror group uses the SomaliMemo website to post their articles, like above, the SomaliMemeo website is hosted in the USA by, see Inc, One Broadway, 14th Floor, Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142, USA

UPDATE: US Navy SEAL Team Six member Kyle Milliken was killed in a Somalia search and destroy mission on
May 5th, 2017. NY TIMES, The member of the Navy SEALs who was killed in Somalia was moving alongside — not behind, as the Pentagon initially said — Somali security forces approaching a complex inhabited by Al-Shabaab militants when the insurgents opened fire, American military officials said on Tuesday. The SEAL member, Kyle Milliken, a 38-year-old senior chief petty officer, died on Friday during the mission in support of Somali Army forces fighting the Al-Shabaab, the Islamist militant group. Two other Americans, including a Somali-American interpreter, were wounded when they came under fire during the mission around 40 miles west of Mogadishu, the capital. The Navy SEAL members were in Somalia for “an advise, assist and accompany mission,” and Defense Department officials said that Somali forces were to have led the operation, with American forces hanging back. But Brig. Gen. David J. Furness, the commander of the military’s task force for the Horn of Africa, offered a different account, saying that American and Somali forces were traveling together in a single group when they came under fire. No Somali forces were hit. During his military career Kyle Milliken earned four Bronze Stars with Combat “V,” two Joint Service Commendation Medals and a Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat “V.

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