Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tube Dude Owner Says Gang Sign Mural Stays, Sarasota City Commission Wants It Down, Tube Dude Got $100 Grand From Sarasota County Commission in Sept.

SARASOTA - Last month, Sarasota business owner Scott Gerber said he would paint over the "fast life" mural on his building after some criticized it as encouraging gang activity and giving the northside neighborhood a bad rap. 

But Gerber never got out the white paint, and the mural — depicting two hands with the words "fast life" painted on twisted fingers (West Side Crips Gang Sign) — remains on his Tube Dudes building at 1001 Central Ave. in North Sarasota (near Newtown).  The Sarasota City Commission voted unanimously this week to send Gerber a letter requesting that he remove the mural — and do it soon. But Gerber said Friday that he will not budge.

Back in September 2011, Tube Dude owner Scott Gerber was much more willing to work wih the City and the County when he got $100,000 to expand his business and hire 44 more people, has that happened yet?
SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2011....The Sarasota County Commission awarded $100,000 to Tube Dude as part of the county’s economic development incentive grant program. Tube Dude, the creator of happy faced metal sculptures, plans to hire 44 people with the grant. The grant contains a provision that if Tube Dude doesn’t create the jobs, the money must be refunded to the county.  The TUBE DUDE company employed five people on September 13th, 2011.

Tube Dude
1001 Central Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 735.6009
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Neighbors say mural has gang-related message (Sarasota, FL): Public art is supposed to incite discussion and a strong reaction, but a mural that appeared recently on a north Sarasota business set off criticism over what some perceived as an improper gang-related message in a minority neighborhood.

“WEST SIDE CRIPS” L.A…..Crip activity started on high school campuses like Freemont High. Feemont had the “East side “Crips”", on the other side of the 110 Harbor Freeway were the “West Side Crips“” and in Compton, the “Compton “Crips”". Several existing gangs incorporated the Crip name into their gang set, for example the the ”Main Street Gangsters” became the “Main Street “Crips”". Other sets included “Kitchen “Crips”", “5 Deuce “Crips”" and the “Rolling 20 “Crips”".

A blue article of clothing in a blood hood, can and will get you killed. Other dark colors have been used as well, such as black, brown and purple. If they are unsure of ones gang affiliation, they’ll flash a gang “sign” which is basically a form of sign language made with the hands (see photo above), they also refer to each other as “Cuz” or “Blood” depending to set affiliation. Crip gangsters refer to each other as “Cuzz”, “Wuz up cuzz?”, in their conversations and writings.

“Wuz up TUBE DUDE?”.

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