Thursday, January 26, 2012

SARASOTA FL: Jeffrey Hill Shot And Killed in Newtown "He didn't have no money, and they shot him anyway", Newtown Thugs Run Wild "Livin the Fast Life".

ABC 7 NEWS SARASOTA - Jeffrey L. Hill has the sad distinction of being the city's first murder victim of the year in Newtown. Now the victim's family is remembering their lost relative, and police are saying now is the chance for the Newtown community to take action.  Police did tell ABC 7 they think there are multiple suspects involved. 

Gang bangers are out of control in Newtown, "Livin the Fast life" shooting up the town at will with everything from .22 caliber handguns to sawed off shotguns to AK-47's. Sarasota Police chief Mike Hollaway's efforts to clean up Newtown have failed.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE - A man was shot and killed by a robber early Wednesday, January 25th, 2012, as he visited with a friend in her front yard in the Bertha Mitchell public housing complex in Newtown.

Jeff Hill, a 34-year-old Sarasota native, left a trail of blood as he ran away from the scene of the shooting on 23rd Street (near Dixie Ave, SEE MAP CLICK HERE) and collapsed a block away, after he staggered through a vacant lot.

Family members say they could not believe Hill, a father of a 14-year-old girl, was targeted in the early-morning attack. "He didn't bother anybody," his sister Nicole Hill said. "He was innocent, and they didn't have any regard. All these killings need to be stopped. It don't make no sense."

Hill died at Blake Medical Center approximately four hours after the 1:50 a.m. shooting, police say. Detectives say Hill was shot either during the attempted robbery or while fleeing from the robbers. "He didn't have no money, and they shot him anyway," said Hill's grandfather, Calvin Hill.

"FAST LIFE" THUGS....A lifestyle that will land you dead or in jail at any given moment. There are many different ways to live the "fast life". These include drug dealing, robbing or gang banging. The fast life is often a perilous career path for hustlers who make money fast in the streets. Consequently, fast life hustlers that make it to old age without being imprisoned, crippled or killed are rare because negative actions have negative consequences.

Just blocks away from the murder of Jeff Hill, a 34-year-old Sarasota native, on 23rd Street (near Dixie Ave, SEE MAP CLICK HERE), is a mural painted on the Tube Dude building promoting the gang banger "Fast Life Style", see photo above. The Tube Dude building is located at 1001 Central Avenue at 10th Street, Sarasota, FL.

Tube Dude Owner Says Gang Sign Mural Stays, Sarasota City Commission Wants It Down, Tube Dude Got $100 Grand From Sarasota County Commission in Sept. “Wuz up TUBE DUDE?” Last month, Sarasota business owner Scott Gerber said he would paint over the “fast life” mural on his building after some criticized it as encouraging gang activity and giving the northside Newtown neighborhood a bad rap.

But Gerber never got out the white paint, and the mural — depicting two hands with the words “fast life” painted on twisted fingers (West Side Crips Gang Sign) — remains on his Tube Dudes building at 1001 Central Ave. in North Sarasota (near Newtown). The Sarasota City Commission voted unanimously this week to send Gerber a letter requesting that he remove the mural — and do it soon. But Gerber said Friday that he will not budge. 

Back in September 2011, Tube Dude owner Scott Gerber was much more willing to work wih the City and the County when he got $100,000 to expand his business and hire 44 more people, has that happened yet?

Was any of the $100 Grand in Sarasota County money uesd to paint this "Fast Life" gang banger mural on the Tube Dude building?

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