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Jail House Thugs Conspire to Reverse Their "Slice and Dice" Murder Conviction of Airman Rachel Carlson And Her Baby Alexis Stuart in Crestview Fl.

An inmate on Florida’s death row, Lamar Z. Brooks (left,) and his cousin Walker Davis Jr., who was sentenced to life, are appealing their convictions in the 1996 "slice and dice" murder of  Eglin Air Force Base airman Rachel Carlson and her 3-month-old baby Alexis Stuart in Crestview Fl.

Eglin Air Force Base airman Rachel Carlson was stabbed 70 times the night of April 24, 1996, while her daughter Alexis Stuart was stabbed once in the heart. The baby, Alexis Stuart, was mutilated after her death by Lamar Z. Brooks and his cousin Walker Davis Jr. according to news reports. The victims were found later in Carlson’s idling car on Booker Street in Crestview FL.

Lamar Z. Brooks argues that “newly discovered evidence” will prove his innocence in the death of Rachel Carlson and her baby, Alexis Stuart. That “evidence” is the testimony of Ira Ferguson (PHOTO ABOVE), who was imprisoned with Brooks’ cousin and codefendant Walker Davis Jr. at Wakulla Correctional Institution in 2010. Davis is also appealing his conviction and life sentence. Both men are requesting that their convictions be vacated, their trial verdicts set aside and that they get a new trial, according to Assistant State Attorney Bobby Elmore.

Rachel Carlson and Walker Davis, a married Eglin airman, were romantically involved at the time of the slayings. Prosecutors argued that Brooks and Davis conspired to kill Rachel Carlson and her baby Alexis Stuart to collect a $100,000 insurance policy Davis had taken out on the child.

Arguments for a new trial are scheduled for March 1 and 2, 2012 before Walton County Circuit Court Judge Kelvin Wells.  According to Elmore, Ferguson has come forward after nearly 16 years to say that he remembers seeing Carlson between 10:45 and 10:50 p.m. on the night she and her baby were killed. “I know this because I never leave home before 10:30 p.m.” Ferguson said in his written affidavit.

That statement, if true, would establish that Rachel Carlson was alive after evidence showed Davis and Brooks had left Crestview, according to Elmore. He said defense attorneys will have to convince Wells that Ferguson is a credible witness and that his testimony would have led to a different trial verdict for Davis and Brooks.

“We’ve got powerful evidence that would result in a conviction, anyway,” Elmore said. “I’m fairly confident that we’ll achieve the result we should, which is that neither of them are going to get a new trial based on the uncorroborated testimony of a convicted murderer.” MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

Ira Ferguson, who has "Thug Life" tattoo'd on his back along with" R.I.P." and LIVE BY BULET, D ZE BYE tattoo'd on his chest, is doing 18 years at the CROSS CITY C.I. for 2nd Degree Murder and Robbery with a gun.  This thug Ira Ferguson sure makes a credible witness, the uncorroborated testimony of a convicted murderer from a prison cell.

I remember this 1996 murder case as we had just opened our private detective agencies in Panama City and Sarasota Fl and I had occassion to be in Crestview and at Eglin Air Force base.  On or about April 24, 1996, Rachel Carlson and her child, Alexis Stuart, were found dead in a car in Crestview, Florida. Paula Freeman, Rachel Carlson’s supervisor at Eglin Air Force Base, arrived on scene and identified the bodies.

Rachel Carlson had defensive stab wounds to her hands, was choked and was killed by multiple stab wounds, the baby Alexis Stuart died of a stab wound to the chest, injuring the heart, some wounds on baby Alexis Stuart were inflicted post-mortem.

Steve Mantheny was a Met Life insurance salesman. On February 20, 1996, Walker Davis, Jr. applied for life insurance.  Mantheny sold Walker Davis, Jr. a $100,000.00 life insurance policy, which named baby Alexis Stuart as the insured and Walker Davis, Jr. as the primary beneficiary.

David Johnston was a car salesman for Preston Hood Imports. In the first part of April of 1996, Johnston spoke with Walker Davis, Jr. about buying a Nissan Pathfinder. The automobile Davis was interested in cost approximately $32,000.00. Johnston said that Davis said that he would pay cash for the vehicle. Davis told Johnston that he was “coming into some money.”

Airman Rachel Carlson’s job was OR technician at the Eglin Air Force 96th Medical Group Hospital, Rachel Carlsons’ goal was to become a doctor. Rachel Carlson volunteered at work for the March of Dimes; cancer fund run; school physicals and beach cleanup, she volunteered for Special Olympics and a new emergency response team.

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