Friday, January 06, 2012

Is Casey Anthony Hiding Out in Panama City Beach Fl Doing Online Video Blogs Getting Ready For Spring Break?

Casey Anthony, the infamous "Tot Mom" as CNN's HLN Nancy Grace has called her, has gone online, OCTOBER 1ST, 2011, with a Video Blog telling her "fans" how difficult her life is now, goog grief.  Casey Anthony is supposed to be on double secret probation in Florida, but here she is, SEE PHOTO ABOVE, looking like she is gettng ready for Spring Break in Panama City Beach Fl.  Looks like Casey Anthony wants to be found.
Panama City Beach, FL -Spring Break 2012 on Panama City Beach is going to hit us sooner than you think with MTV this year, college crowds start showing up the week of February 20-24, 2012 (Mon-Fri), see link for full list CLICK HERE.  Wonder if Casey Anthony will show up with the crowds?

Party girl Casey Anthony would have no problem fitting in with the college crowd at spring break in Panama City Beach Fl.

Casey Anthony's acquittal on July 5th 2011 shocked and enraged many around the country who had been following the case since her 2-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared in 2008. Anger has spilled onto social media sites and elsewhere, with the big question now being, "Where is Casey Anthony?" since she was released early Sunday from an Orlando, Fla., jail.  Her legal team said on Friday it had received an emailed death threat with a manipulated photo showing the 25-year-old with a bullet hole in her forehead.

CASEY ANTHONY PARTY GIRL.....The day before CaseyAnthony was released from jail, according to, a website that tracks flights, the plane that Casey Anthony left on was on the ground in Orlando, Florida – the same city where Anthony stood trial for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. 

The website shows the plane owned by attorney Todd Macaluso, then went to Panama City, Florida just four hours after Anthony’s release from jail, the plane then made several more stops before reaching California.  It is only a short trip from Orlando to Panama City Fl, it would not be necessary to refuel so soon.

FROM STATE OF FL DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS PUBLIC RECORDS; Casey Anthony is currently on probation in the State of Florida for CHECK FRAUD, the probation department in Panama City Fl is located at;
1013 Beck Avenue
Panama City, Florida 32401

204 N. Tyndall Pkwy.
Panama City, Florida 32404

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