Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"FAST LIFE", Sarasota Police Seek Citizen Involvement To Halt Crime in Newtown, Stop "No Snitchin".

SARASOTA - Police and government can try, but without citizen involvement, solving the ongoing crime problem in Newtown will be nearly impossible, Sarasota city commissioners were told Tuesday night. And the commission later voted to fund a trip to a North Carolina city (High Point) where intense citizen involvement is apparently working.

There were eight murders in Sarasota in 2011, all but one of which took place in Newtown, the historically black neighborhood that has remained dangerous despite years of effort and calls for a stop to the violence. To reverse the trend, top city officials are hoping to mimic similar communities that have beaten their crime statistics by getting more citizens involved.  "It is time now for the Newtown community to take the lead in helping to solve these issues." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE... 

Good luck with your road trip to High Point NC but you first have to get past the "NO SNITHCIN" rule on the streets.

                   "NO SNITCHIN" the no snitch law in Urban areas is killing people.

Nearly two years after the Liberty City mass shooting took place, police are still searching for the killer. Miami rap stars Trick Daddy and Uncle Luke planned to visit the crime scene; they were expected to tell people there that it’s ok to snitch. Police hope their influence will help them solve the crime in this tight-lipped community.

“They’re killing people; the no snitch law is killing people,” said Lt. Joseph Schillaci at City of Miami Police Department. “It’s, it’s we just got it ingrained, the streets got it ingrained, no we just can’t snitch.”

Stop Snitchin' refers to a controversial 2004 campaign launched in Baltimore, MD to persuade criminal informants to stop "snitching," or informing, to law enforcement. Public officials, activists and media outlets say that it is a campaign used by criminals to frighten people with information from reporting their criminal activities to the police.

"Stop Snitchin" is the name of a specific Baltimore-based home-made DVD that threatened violence against would-be informants, and the name or theme of several hip hop recordings.

The High Point NC Drug Market Intervention Strategy;
Drug markets are the scourge of too many communities in the United States. They destroy neighborhoods, a sense of community, and the quality of life. They contribute to crime, shootings, prostitution, assaults, robbery, and have a negative effect on local businesses and on business and residential property values. Police sweeps, buy-bust operations, warrant service, and the arrests and jailing of drug dealers have not eliminated the problem. The drug dealers return, new dealers come into the neighborhood, and the drug markets are quickly back in business.

Exasperated by the problem, the High Point (North Carolina) Police Department tried a different tactic and, to the surprise of many, succeeded in eliminating the notorious West End drug market. Creating swift and certain consequences by “banking” existing drug cases; addressing racial conflict between communities and law enforcement, setting strong community and family standards against dealing; involving dealers’ family members, and offering education, job training, job placement, and other social services, the police department was able to close the drug market. Buoyed by this success, the police also were able to close three other drug markets in the city using the same tactics. After studying the successes in High Point, other cities across the country have used similar strategies with similar levels of success.

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