Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fast Life Gang Sign Mural On Tube Dude Building Needs to Come Down Says Sarasota City Commissioners, Tube Dude Says No Way.

SARASOTA - New details have emerged over a controversial mural in Sarasota. The painting, located on 10th Street, shows a man's hands with the words “fast life” tattooed on his fingers. While some love it, others claim it depicts gangs and crime. Now city leaders are getting involved.  At a recent meeting, Sarasota city commissioners voted unanimously to send a letter to the owner of the building asking him to paint over the mural. But he tells ABC 7 that ain’t happening.

“I was surprised, because over the last month, all we have had is 100% positive comments made about the mural.” The painting on Scott Gerber's Tube Dude business has been at the center of controversy for months. Some feel it depicts criminal activity. “We haven’t been visited by any of the city commissioners who voted on this. I’m not sure if any of them have even seen it.”  And no matter who gets in his way, he says the mural is staying up........MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....

Since the fast life gang sign mural on the Tube Dude building went up I have been adamant and very vocal about what it really stands for..The middle fingers are crossed over one another is the West Side Crips Gang sign.

From a Local Sarasota Source....."Above (the man on right) is one of the people who was part of the team that painted the "Tube Dude" mural for Denise Kowal. I got his photo from facebook, note the gun in his waist band and no, this was not a Halloween pic, this is really how he dresses, he is making the West Side Crips Gang sign.
WEST SIDE CRIPS CALIFORNIA....The Crips are not one gang, but an identity that many gangs associate themselves with and copy cat Crip gangs in other cities may fashion themselves by regional cultural indicators that have nothing to do with Los Angeles. Some of the first Crip gangs in Los Angeles included the East Side Crips, Compton Crips, West Side Crips, Avalon Garden Crips, 43rd Street Crips, Harlem Crips, Hoover Crips, Inglewood Crips, and Grandee Crips.

On March 15, 1979 West Side Crips leader Tookie Williams was arrested for four murders committed during two separate robberies while on an alleged drug binge Williams was sentenced to Death Row and executed by lethal injection on December 13, 2005, wow what a great roll model.

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