Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cop Force On Panama City Beach Increased 65% For Spring Break 2012 as PCB Spends $100 Grand For Cops to Watch "Girls Gone Wild".

PANAMA CITY BEACH — First it was state troopers, then state beverage officers were added, and now county and Panama City law support will be attached to the beach to help police Spring Break. The city will spend almost $100,000 this year to bring in extra law enforcement for Spring Break, with the money going to officers from four additional state and local agencies.

Officers from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and the Panama City Police Department will be added this year to the contingent of state troopers and state beverage control officers used last year. The extra help will mean the police presence along the beach will grow from 52 sworn Panama City Beach officers to a total of 86 officers from the state, county and both local cities during Spring Break 2012, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

The State Troopers, state beverage control officers and the local Panama City and Panama City Beach cops must be fighting one another to get this gig, have fun boys.

I wonder if the increased police presence on Panama City Beach will keep Casey Anthony from showing up, she sure would fit right in with the party time lifestyle.

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