Thursday, December 22, 2011

WAR ON COPS, St Pete UHURU's Advocate "Resist the Police" as 3 Cops Killed in Last 7 Days by Black Gang Members Livin the Fast Life.

WAR ON COPS...3 cops killed by black gang members in last 7 days. In the wake of the murder of 22-year NYPD veteran Officer Peter Figoski, Aiken SC Officer Scotty Richardson and Officer Arnulfo Crispinin Lakeland Fl , the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has announced that the number of law enforcement officers across the country who have died in the line of duty is already up 14% over last year. There have been 168 total fatalities so far this year, up from 146 in 2010.

The African People's Socialist Party USA (APSP) based in St Pete Fl with regional offices in Philadelphia PA and Oakland CA is the organizational head of a group of Communist entities that include the UHURU Black Power Movement in St Pete Fl.

The African People's Socialist Party USA (APSP) and the UHURU Black Power Movement in St Pete have continued their nationwide campaign of "Africans Have a Right to Resist the Police" that appears to be related to the year long "War on Cops".

UhuruNewsPublished Dec 9, 2011,The African People's Socialist Party USA (APSP) calls African Liberation Movement to task to build revolutionary party!

UPCOMING EVENT...On February 18-21, 2012 the African People's Socialist Party USA (APSP USA) will hold its National Plenary in St. Petersburg, Florida to define the work of the Party in this period and mark the 40th anniversary of the Party's founding.
"There is however, increasing signs of resistance such as that in St. Petersburg, Florida where three colonial cops were killed by Africans within one month's time in early 2011". There are many issues like police brutality, colonial prisons, inadequate housing and a myriad of others that impact on our people, but the fundamental problem which all of these stem from is the fact that our right to power over our own lives was taken from us.
UhuruNews Published Jan 28, 2011,Shooting of police in Florida part of growing trend of African resistance to occupation. ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — The crisis of the U.S. State was exposed and deepened on Monday, January 24, 2011 as one African man killed two local police, wounded a U.S. marshal and held off more than 100 police from various state and federal police agencies for several hours. Resistance (TO THE COPS) must become organized to end the occupation; The cases of Hydra Lacy and the countless others who have shot or killed cops represent only one expression of a growing resistance in the African community. We must organize and resist!

Earlier that morning, a U.S. marshal and two local police came to the home of 39-year-old Hydra Lacy to arrest him, and he apparently had determined that he was not going to join the more than one million African captives locked up in U.S. prisons that day. While imperialist media attempts to deal with this as an isolated incident, the fact is that there is a trend across the U.S. of growing resistance by African people to police occupation.

NATIONAL GANG CENTER, Tube Dude factory in downtown Sarasota paints Mural of “West Side Crips Gang” hand sign on their building, calls it art.See photo above of “painting” over the front door of the “Tube Dude” building in downtown Sarasota, the downward gang sign appears to spell out the letters W W.

The tattoo’d letters on the fingers spell out gang slang “Fast Life” which means drug dealing, robbing and gang banging. “FAST LIFE” A lifestyle that will land you dead or in jail at any given moment.
There are many different ways to live the fast life. These include drug dealing, robbing, gang banging or prostituting your body for money. Are the “Tube Dude” people supporting the Gang Fast Life, this is “ART” ? 

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