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Murdered Sharon Tate's Story Told in New Movie "Eyes of a Dream" Further Exposing Sadistic Serial Killer Charles Manson.

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Aug. 21, 1969 – Film director Roman Polanski today had paid a dramatic, tearful tribute to his wife, slain actress Sharon Tate, denying she used narcotics and describing her as a vulnerable woman who “couldn’t refuse any friendship.”

Film director Roman Polanski “broke down and cried” when he heard about the macabre sadistic murders of his wife, Sharon Tate seen in photo above with Roman, and four friends in Hollywood, by sadistic serial killer Charles Manson. Her unborn baby boy (who died with her) was to be named Paul Richard Polanski.

In his first public appearance since the slaying of the 26-year-old star of the movie “The Valley of the Dolls,” Polanski told reporters his marriage to the actress brought him his “only true happiness.”

The victims of sadistic serial killer Charles Manson and his "family";
— Sharon Tate, 26, wife of film director Roman Polanski, eight months pregnant with a baby boy, died of multiple stab wounds of the chest and back. Miss Tate, dressed in bikini panties and a brassiere, was in the living room. A bloodied nylon cord was around her neck. It ran over a beam in the ceiling and was attached to the neck of Jay Sebring whose body lay nearby.
— Abigail Folger, 26, San Francisco, was the daughter of Peter Folger of Woodside, chairman of the J. A. Folger & Co. Coffee firm, she died of stab wounds in the chest.  With her family’s approval, she invested- money, in the chain of salons operated by male hair stylist Jay Sebring, 35, also killed in the weekend slaughter. Other backers included actors Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty and Peter Lawford.
— Jay Sebring, 35, innovator of hair styling for men, once Miss Tate’s fiance, died of multiple stab wounds of the body, over Sebring’s head was a black hood.
— Voityck Frokowsky, 37, worked with Polanski as an actor and writer in Polish films, died of stab wounds of the body and limbs and a gunshot wound in the back.
— Steven Parent, 18, a friend of Garretson who left home in suburban El Monte Friday to visit him, died of multiple gunshot wounds of the chest.

LAPD Police said the three telephone lines into the estate, 18 feet above the ground, had been severed.

A spokesman for Life magazine in Los Angeles, meanwhile, announced that the magazine’s Aug. 29 1969 issue would carry “exclusive” photographs inside and outside the Polanski estate.  The spokesman said the photographs were taken by Life magazine photographer Julian Wasser on assignment during Polanski’s first visit to the home after returning from London following the murders.

Spring 2011, TMZ....Lindsay Lohan (L) is set to make her big screen comeback as a murder victim Sharon Tate (R) if she takes up a new movie deal. The 24-year-old has been offered the part of Sharon Tate in an upcoming film"Eyes of a Dream" about Charles Manson. 

Sharon Tate, star of "Valley of the Dolls" and "The Fearless Vampire Killers" and wife to director Roman Polanski, was murdered (along with four others) by Charles Manson's followers when she was 8-and-a-half-months pregnant.

The movie "Eyes of a Dream" is being produced by Brad Wyman, one of the executives behind "Monster" starring Charlize Theron.  TMZ is reporting that Manson will be played by photographer Tyler Shields, who has worked with Lindsay in the past, and he will also be directing the film.   Tyler Shields is slated to direct his first full-length feature film, "Eyes of a Dream." Produced by Brad Wyman.

May 16th 2011 TMZ....Now that Lindsay Lohan is hoping to land a role in an upcoming Charles Manson movie "Eyes of a Dream" ... the actress spent her Sunday night with a dude who named himself after the psychopath.

Don't expect this role to be much more than a cameo though. Unless filmmakers are taking a lot of creative license with the project, the "Sharon Tate" role will likely be limited to the night of the Hollywood Hills killings.

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