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Interpol's Mission Impossible, Catch Muslim Mafia Don "Dawood Ibrahim" Hiding In Plain Sight in Karachi PK.

Muslim Mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim is operating out of Karachi with the apparent blessings of the Pakistan government. Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim crime lord, has found common cause with Al Qaeda, sharing his smuggling routes with the terror syndicate and funding attacks by Islamic extremists aimed at destabilizing the Indian government.

Dawood Ibrahim (Kaskar), DOB December 27, 1955, also known as Dawood Ebrahim, and Sheikh Dawood Hassan, is the head of the organized crime syndicate D-Company in Mumbai but living in Karachi PK. He is currently on the wanted list of Interpol for organised crime and counterfeiting.He was No. 4 on the Forbes' World's Top 10 most dreaded criminals list of 2008.He is ranked at no. 57 in Forbes list of 'The World's Most Powerful People'.

U.S. DESIGNATES DAWOOD IBRAHIM AS TERRORIST SUPPORTERThe U.S. Treasury Department announced that it is designating Dawood Ibrahim as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order 13224 and will be requesting that the United Nations list him as well.   The designation freezes any assets belonging to Dawood Ibrahim within the U.S. and prohibits transactions with U.S. nationals. "This designation signals our commitment to identifying and attacking the financial ties between the criminal underworld and terrorism, stated Juan Zarate, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes

Interpol seems helpless in getting hold of India's most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim (Kaskar) who is living in plain sight with a reported address of House # 37, 30th Street, DHA, Karachi Pakistan, see google Earth map CLICK HERE. Interpol's now working closely with CBI and the Indian government to track him down, good luck with that.

Dawood Ibrahim (Kaskar) in Karachi PK has used his position as one of the most prominent criminals of the Indian underworld for most of the past two decades to support Al-Qaeda (QE.A.4.01) and related groups (Taliban) with his control of the heroin routes out of Karachi. In particular, his criminal syndicate has been involved in large-scale shipments of narcotics (heroin), and has shared its smuggling routes from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa with Al-Qaeda (QI.B.8.01) and his terrorist network. A financial arrangement was brokered to facilitate their usage of these routes. In the late 1990s, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar traveled to Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban.
On February 14, 2011, Maroun Saade was charged in the Southern District of New York with participating in an international drug conspiracy in West Africa and conspiring to aid the Taliban in Afghanistan. Federal investigators of the DEA busted a West African-based ring of narco-terrorists who tried to sell tons of heroin (Taliban) and cocaine in a plot to bankroll the Taliban, authorities said. Two of the seven men arrested are US citizens who allegedly offered to sell the Taliban anti-tank missiles, grenade launchers and other weapons — and even provided a price list for the arsenal. The two naturalized U.S. citizens are Oded Orbach, 52, and Alwar Pouryan, 36.

Opium gold unites US friends and foes..KARACHI - Drug smugglers call it the golden route: from Afghanistan into Pakistan and then into eastern Iran, it’s the trail that takes Afghanistan’s abundant opium, and its derivative, heroin, to Western markets. The general route for smuggling Afghan-produced opiates from Karachi Pakistan goes overland from Pakistan’s Balochistan province across the border into Iran, then passes through the northwestern region, which is inhabited by Kurds (Al-Qaeda financier Yasin al-Suri is Kurdish), and finally into laboratories in Turkey, where the opium is processed. The shipments from Pakistan may be broken down into smaller shipments once in Iran. Iran is both a transit country and a destination for opium products.

$10 million Reward for Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil a.k.a. Yasin al-Suri Al-Qaeda and Taliban Money Man Who Links to Ayman Joumaa’s Used Car Scam.  Syrian Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil a.k.a. Yasin al-Suri links to Ayman Joumaa who ran the used car scam in the USA that laundered Millions for Hezbollah/Iran. Ayman Joumaa is a Lebanese narcotics trafficker linked to Hizballah.

Ayman Joumaa’s organization uses Hizballah couriers to transport and launder narcotics proceeds, and pays fees to Hizballah operatives to facilitate the laundering of narcotics proceeds. Another drug trafficking organization, which is led by Maroun Saade, is also involved in the transportation and distribution of large quantities of narcotics in West Africa (Taliban provides heroin).

The FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have sought assistance from Pakistan’s Interior Ministry, Anti-Narcotic Force (ANF) and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to hunt down Dawood in the Islamic nation. In fact, Dawood has been described by American agencies as “an al-Qaeda facilitator now living in Pakistan who has already been placed in the same category as top al-Qaeda operatives with Interpol issuing a special notice against him”.

The story of Mumbai's underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim, reads like a page from The Godfather.  Ibrahim lives like a king. Home is a palatial house spread over 6,000 square yds, boasting a pool, tennis courts, snooker room and a private, hi-tech gym. He wears designer clothes, drives top of the line Mercedes' and luxurious four-wheel drives, sports a half-a-million rupee Patek Phillipe wristwatch, and showers money on starlets and prostitutes.

His daily regimen is also rather kingly. He wakes in the afternoon. After a swim and shower, he has breakfast. In the late afternoon, he gives his employees an audience where he briefs them on their assignments and they give him daily reports of his myriad businesses.

If in the mood, he engages in a game of cricket or snooker with friends. And as the sun sets, Dawood and his party set off for any one of his 'safe houses' in Karachi for an evening of revelry - usually comprising drinks (Black Label is his preference), mujras and gambling. The long-married Dawood's passion for women has made him a favoured client for local pimps.

Karachi's two rival underworld gangs, both working for the notorious Mumbai don, Dawood Ibrahim, are now settling their scores on the streets of Karachi. Dawood Ibrahim and his team, Mumbai's notorious "D Company" underworld clan including his righthand man Chota Shakeel and Jamal Memon, are on India's most wanted list for a series of bomb blasts in Mumbai and other criminal activites.

After the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, the gang have made Karachi their new home and base of operations. Living under fake names and IDs, and provided protection by government agencies, they have built up their underworld empire in Karachi employing local talent like Shoaib and Bholoo.

Both Shoaib Khan and Ibrahim Bholoo started their careers from the slums of Karachi, a perfect environment for any wannabe gangster. Within a few years their underworld activities took them and their families from the slums to palatial houses in Karachi's Defence Housing Authority. The two small-time gangsters struck gold when they got in touch with the notorious Dawood Ibrahim, eight or nine years ago and started working for him in Karachi. From petty crimes they moved into the realm of big-time underworld operations and contract killings in Karachi and abroad.

It is very unlikely that Mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim (Kaskar) will ever be arrested and removed from Karachi PK.

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