Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FBI-Led Drug Task Force Arrests 13 Members of The Monticello Bloods Gang on Federal Narcotics Charges, Their "Fast Life" is Over.

No more "Fast Life" for Jason "Turn It Up" Elder and the other 12 members of the Monticello Bloods Gang that were arrested yesterday. “Fast Life” which means drug dealing, robbing and gang banging, a lifestyle that will land you dead or in jail at any given moment, that moment is now for the Monticello Bloods Gang Bangers.

An FBI-led task force arrested 13 of 14 people sought on federal narcotics charges during coordinated raids at homes in Fallsburg, Liberty and Monticello late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

About 100 members of the Hudson Valley Safe Streets Task Force, whose members include FBI agents and local and state police, took part in the raids. Police arrested 10 men and three woman, most at locations in Monticello, and charged them with buying drugs in New York and distributing them to other dealers and smaller customers in Monticello.

From at least 2009 through April 2011, JASAAN BASTIAN, FRANK WILLIAMS, DELSHONDA KIMBLE, JESSE LEWIS, JOAN JAMES, JASON ELDER, FLOYD SPRUILL, MESSIAH LOCKHART, KENNETH MITCHELL, JR. ANDREA BROWN, and BASHEEM SMALLS, agreed to distribute 280 grams and more of crack and powder cocaine in the area around Monticello in Sullivan County.  The Monticllo Bloods gang bangers obtained the drugs from the New York City Bloods.

The following 11 defendants were charged with conspiring to violate federal narcotics laws. The maximum sentence for each defendant is Life in prison with a mandatory sentence of 10 years, no more "Fast Life" for these gang bangers :

• Jasaan "Gex" Bastian

• Frank Williams

• Delshonda "Shonda" Kimble

• Jesse "Wes" Lewis

• Joan "Nay Nay" James

• Jason "Turn It Up" Elder

• Floyd "Twin" Spruill

• Messiah "Siah" Lockhart

• Kenneth "Sham" Mitchell, Jr.

• Andrea "Pumpkin" Brown

• Basheem "Bah" Smalls

The following were charged with drug possession, attempt to distribute drugs and distribution of a controlled substance:

• Darren "Moe" Johnson

• Errol "MI" Davis

"There's absolute connections to the Monticello Bloods," said FBI Supervisory Senior Agent James Gagliano, who runs the task force. The suspects, their hands and ankles shackled, were processed at the FBI's regional office in Goshen. They were expected to be arraigned later Tuesday at the federal court in White Plains. "The likely prison sentences that these defendants are going to be facing is going to make everyone think twice," said Solomon. "I'll be on Social Security when some of these guys get out."

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