Tuesday, December 20, 2011


NYPD Officer Peter Figoski and Cop Killer Lamont Pride, photo above.

NY DAILY NEWS...The violent ex-con accused of gunning down a hero cop in Brooklyn Monday should have been locked up weeks ago for shooting a man in North Carolina, the Daily News has learned.Despite being arrested twice in New York since September, a series of legal snafus allowed Lamont Pride to roam the streets of the city free to kill.

“I’m glad he’s finally caught. I wouldn’t put nothing past this guy,” RayShawn Maberson, the Greensboro, N.C., man Pride is accused of shooting in August, said when told Pride was arrested for killing veteran NYPD Officer Peter Figoski.

New York Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne released this statement on Tuesday:
Lamont Pride was arrested in NYC on Nov 3 on a crack cocaine charge. We ran him and found he was wanted in NC on weapon assault charges but the NC warrant specified "extradite within the state of North Carolina only."
NYPD contacted NC authorities and suggested that they change the warrant to extradite him since we had him in custody on charges of possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell, a felony. NC initially said no. At arraignment, Pride was RORed.

On Nov 8 - after apparently reconsidering - NC amended the warrant to allow for extradition from NY. He was in the wind by then. A fugitive task force hunted unsuccessfully for him . Pride then failed to appear for his Nov 15 hearing in NY, for which another warrant was issued.
LAMONT PRIDE has a lengthy arrest record in North Carolina dating back to 2007, when he was arrested for drug possession, according to the authorities there. In 2009, he served prison time for robbery, and he later served jail sentences for assaulting a woman and for misdemeanor assault. Then, in August of this year, he was involved in the nonfatal shooting of a Greensboro man, the police there said.

Lamont Pride went to New York, his birthplace, and was arrested near Coney Island on Sept. 22, for public possession of a blade longer than four inches, a misdemeanor charge. Lamont Pride pleaded guilty to a violation and was released from jail the next day (what the hell?).

Commish Ray Kelly said that the police had run a background check and found the North Carolina warrant, but that the warrant could be executed only inside North Carolina.

Lamont Pride was arrested again on Nov. 3, in an apartment near Coney Island where the police executed a search warrant. Two children, 11 and 16, were in the home. Prosecutors later described the condition in the apartment as “deplorable, with cockroaches, filth everywhere.”

The police said they found six bags of crack cocaine on a desk and four bags of marijuana on another defendant; they arrested Lamont Pride and two others. Lamont Pride did not live there, but the arrest happened inside the building where he had been arrested for carrying a knife earlier.

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