My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Saturday, December 17, 2011

DEA Complaint Names 30 Used Car Dealers In the USA Who Laundered Millions in Drug Money For Hezbollah By Sending Cars to West Africa


Since March of 2004, I was aware of the "cars are the cash scam" whereby used car dealers in the USA were buying vehicles with dirty money and sending the used cars to West Africa (Nigeria), Dubai UAE and Jeddah Saudi Arabia for resale.  Federal law enforcement officers with the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Secret Service and Federal Officers at the Port of Tampa, all started investigations into the "cars are the cash scam", all were shut down by the FBI who took over the investigations when it appeared to be a support of terrorism case.

The current "Civil Complaint" filed against the 30 used car dealers in the USA, charged with laundering money for the terrorist group Hezbollah, is a DEA Action as per DEA Special Agent Christopher Miller, not the FBI, the FBI always takes over any investigation when it is linked to terrorism, so what's up?  Used cars were purchased at auction with drug money supplied by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, see COMPLAINT CLICK HEREThe used car dealers would buy a late model SUV for $15,000 at the auto auction, pay $1,200 to have it shipped to one of the Free Trade Ports listed above and then with the help of your counterpart at one of the Free trade Ports sell the vehicle for $29,000 (or more), making $12,800 and cleaning the $15,000 in drug money, sweet deal, especially if you multiply this transaction by 30 used car dealers who would send at least 10 cars a month, that's $3,840,000 in profit alone while laundering $4,500,000 a month in drug money.

 NY Times...The federal government on Thursday escalated its campaign to stanch the flow of what it says is dirty money to the Shiite militant group Hezbollah. Prosecutors filed a civil suit aimed at financially punishing American and Lebanese businesses that the government charges were behind a Hezbollah-controlled global network that laundered huge sums in South American cocaine proceeds.

 The court action, filed in Manhattan federal court, seeks nearly half a billion dollars in penalties from three Lebanese financial organizations — the now-defunct Lebanese Canadian Bank and two Beirut-based money exchange houses — and 30 auto dealers in the United States. The $480 million in penalties is the sum of the drug proceeds that are alleged to have been laundered; the government is also seeking to freeze and seize assets traceable to those companies,

 In February, after a six-year investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA starts case in 2005), the Treasury Department forced the closing of the Lebanese Canadian Bank and the sale of its untainted assets to a new owner.  It charged the bank with assisting a handful of account holders in a scheme to wash drug money for Colombian cartels by mixing it with the proceeds of used cars bought in the United States and sold in Africa.  The government said that the cash was then flown to Lebanon and deposited first into exchange houses named in Thursday’s civil suit and then into the Lebanese Canadian Bank, with Hezbollah taking a cut of the profits. SEE DEA COMPLAINT AT LINK

 Thursday’s complaint offers fresh details about the workings of what it says was a scheme to launder South American cocaine cash and Hezbollah’s own money, naming the American-based auto dealers and people it says were Hezbollah operatives, the car dealers are;
2). A & J Auto Sales Inc Lansing MI
3). Ace Auto Leasing Inc.Tulsa, OK
4). ARZ Export LLC Columbia, MD
5). Auto Care LLC d/b/a Golden Eagle Vernon, CT
6). Auto Rama Inc. Detroit, MI
7). Baaklini North America Inc. Fairburn, GA
8). Bassam G. Hanna d/b/a Cary Auto Sales Cary, NC
9). Car UZD and Mid Overseas ·Inc.d/b/a Car UZD Miami, FL
10). Cary Auto Sales Inc. Cary, NC
11). Cedar Exports Auto Sales Mt. Juliet, TN
12). Eagle Auto Sales Inc. Dearborn Heights, MI
13). Edya Export Import Inc. Holly Hill, FL
14). EZ Auto Export LLC New Britain, CT
15). Ezedine Brothers LLC Hartford, CT
16). Global Auto LLC South Windsor, CT
17). Global Shipping Services Detroit, MI
18). H & D Export Import Inc. Detroit, MI
19). HH Automotive Inc. Detroit, MI
20). Hijazi General Trading LLC Burtonsville, MD
21). Jean Y. Chedid Trading Est d/b/a Jean Y. Chedid Dartmouth , MA
22). Kamal Al Khawand Dayton, OH
23). Kassab Auto Dealer LLC North Arlington, NJ
24). MGM Global Trading LLC South Windsor, CT
25). Myles Auto Sales New Bradford, MA
26). Poliproject Inc. d/b/a Fouad Autotrade St. Lawrence, MA
27). Safari Enterprises LLC, Sahari Motors Orlando, FL
28). United Auto Enterprize Inc. Redford, MI
29). United Quality Auto Sales Inc., Detroit, MI
30). World Auto Sales LLC, Birmingham, AL

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