Saturday, November 12, 2011

TV's “Blue Bloods” Soft Pedals Murder of NYPD Officer Philip Cardillo At Muslim Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7.

NYPD Cops are seething at the CBS drama “Blue Bloods” for including a scene that reworked one of the NYPD’s darkest chapters, without acknowledging the violent death of an officer and the fact that his murderers were allowed to flee.

NYPD Officer Philip Cardillo was fatally wounded April 14, 1972, after answering a fake 911 call of a cop in trouble inside Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7 at 102 W. 116th St. New York NY.

Cardillo died on April 20, and there were never any convictions in the case. In the Nov. 4 episode of the cop drama “Blue Bloods”, a similar scene was filmed in the same mosque -- only instead of the officer dying, he was simply knocked out cold.

The Muhammad Mosque No. 7 which is the local headquarters of the Nation of Islam, has a historically contentious relationship with the NYPD, and was the site of a lethal standoff on April 14, 1972 that left the police officer dead.
Officer Philip Cardillo was killed in a standoff with Nation of Islam members while responding to a phony 911 call from the mosque, which claimed another officer was trapped inside.

In August 2010, An NYPD detective invited to a community meeting about concerns of police brutality was refused entry into Harlem Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7 because he refused to relinquish his badge and his gun, police said. 

Det. Martin Brown, of NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly's liaison unit, arrived at the Nation of Islam's No. 7 Mosque in time for Friday's community meeting, only to be greeted by organizers who informed him that his weapon and shield were not welcome inside.  "Det. Brown was invited to the mosque but refused to comply with the request that he enter without his weapon or shield," NYPD spokeswoman Kim Royster said.  "Hell, I would not walk into that rat hole without a sidearm and a loaded 12 guage shotgun!"

"As per Rudy Andre a retired NYC Detective assigned to the 28th Precinct in Harlem. A signal 10-13 was transmitted over the radio. I proceeded with lights and siren to 102 West 116 Street. I was familiar with the address having walked a foot post on 116 Street. I sometimes stood in front of those two large metal doors with the occupants needing to walk around me to gain entrance. Who knew of the dangers that lie just a few feet away? Louis Dupree 17X the dean of boys and the killer of Police Officer Phil Cardillo."

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